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Mr. Khan’s Review on Fraud – Episode XXVI (2022)

A review on Pakistani drama TV series, Fraud Episode 26 (2022). The new TV series is directed by Saqib Khan and written by Zanjabeel Asim. Fraud is a story of love, innocence and treachery as our protagonist is manipulated into marrying a forged personality. Fraud is an iDream Entertainment and ARY Digital Production.

+ Crew

  • Directed by Saqib Khan
  • Written by Zanjabeel Asim
  • Produced by Abdullah Seja 
  • Production by iDream Entertainment

+ Note

Fraud is a case study of Pakistani families who always strive for betterment of their children. Obsession with wealth and power almost always ends up leading to unfavorable consequences. The director Saqib Khan is known for his numerous television projects and his upcoming cinematic film Ghabrana Nahi Hai (2022).

 + Main Cast

  1. Saba Qamar as Maya
  2. Ahsan Khan as Tabriaz
  3. Mikaal Zulfiqar as Shaan
  4. Rabia Kulsoom as Maila
  5. Adnan Samad Khan as Nael
  6. Mehmood Aslam as Nisar

+ Plot

Fraud is a story of Maya whose father wants her to marry into the richest family that he could find. But wealth does not equal character as she ends up marrying a wealthy man named Tabriaz who, through his trickery, makes life for Maya full of deceit and fraud.

+ High Points

i – Unfortunately I can’t defend this week’s episode too much. There were hardly any high points throughout its runtime but at least the episode was coherent, the storyline moved along nicely and there were some dramatic twists and turns.  

+ Low Points

i – Since the past few weeks, the quality of writing from Fraud has really gone the drain. It is absolutely clear that the show is being forcefully pushed on to milk every dramatic scenario from their premise. And hence, the show has become stagnated and lackluster. It clearly lacks the charm and intensity that the earlier episodes had. In short; the show has reached its boiling point and its time to take it off the stove. 

ii – So finally… FINALLY, Maya meets Tabriaz after their fraudulent marriage and…. It wasn’t epic or dramatic as one would have hoped for. For some odd reason, this meeting wasn’t even used as an episode cliffhanger! Isn’t that basic 101 soap opera storytelling? And even though Maya instantly recognizes Tabriaz, she quickly flees the scene and does not even discuss this either with her husband nor her family! Why are characters in Pak dramas so devoid of logic? This should have been the climax of the show, how long are they going to prolong this?

iii –  The chemistry between Shaan and Maya is non-existent. I still cannot fathom why they are even together. Yes, their respective parents practically forced them together but was the situation so desperate for Shaan to agree to this marriage? Was the situation so worrisome for Maya and her parents that they agreed to hide her past from her fiance? The scenes between Shaan and Maya lack any sort of dramatic tension and are just there to prolong the life of the show. 

+ Overall

It is high time that the show should reach its natural conclusion and not overstay its welcome.

Rate: out of 5 stars 

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