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Mr. Khan’s Review on Maya (2015)

A review on Pakistani Horror feature length film, Maya (2015). The Production Houses and Distributors are Twister Films and JB Productions.





+ Crew

  • Directed, Cinematography & Edited by Jawad Bashir
  • Written & Produced by Hina Jawad
  • Music by Afzal Hussain
  • Co-Produced by Zara Hamid and Sana Suleman





+ Note

Maya is inspired by a real incident happened at Denmark. Hina Jawad also plays the lead role of Maria as protagonist. There was another horror film in Tamil language by the same name in the same year 2015 as neo noir horror film written and directed by Ashwin Saravanan.




+ Main Cast

  1. Hina Jawad as Maya / Mishal
  2. Ahmed Abdul Rehman as Waqas
  3. Zain Afzal as Sam
  4. Anam Malik as Rida








+ Supporting Cast

  1. Rasheed Ali as Priest
  2. Sheikh Mohammad Ahmed as Amir
  3. Ali Aftab (Cameo) as N/A
  4. Jawad Bashir (Cameo) as N/A





+ Plot

A group of friends go to a deserted place for a vacation and get stuck there. Away from home, a dark secret is revealed from the past where they have to face the curse.





+ High Points

i – Cinematography is very decent, executed nicely.

ii –The makeup & hair styling of the possessed character, really looked one as it is shown in foreign films.






+ Low Points

i – Once again we have a typical slasher film, something audience are not really excited to watch unless they don’t know how to kill the time.

ii – Well, I can’t blame them as in slasher films, there’s hardly any character development except for the main lead characters, which they btw hardly reveal.

iii – The group of friends didn’t left the haunted house because they had already paid a huge amount of down payment and installments for several years so they couldn’t afford to leave and the fact that they lived far away from the populated area… hell, I’m just making this all up. They didn’t give any proper explanation except that they are not some scary cats and willing to take the risk by staying in the haunted house..

iv – The lead star wrote the story and was one of the co-producers. Perhaps this is the main reason why the story sucks and looks incomplete.

v – All songs are forgettable, nonsense really.

vi – The film is too short to gain interest, too typical to even care what was happening.

vii Jump scares that’s all. I am fond of horror films but this… was… complete waste of time.

viii – Wooden acting performance by (almost) the entire cast.

ix – Oh yes, I forgot to tell you, a guy in Joker’s makeup crashes the party and randomly kills someone and no one calls the police (after the guy is gone) as no one cares, just like audience.





+ Overall

Compelling reasons for watching Maya? Well, the film’s duration is short. Then, there’s…uh… hmm… Oh, forget it!




Rate: 0.75 out of 5 stars


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