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Mr. Khan’s Review on Jaloos (2017)

A review on Pakistani Comedy (satire) theatre play, Jaloos (2017). It was performed at NAPA’s International Theatre Festival 2017.




+ Crew

  • Directed, written (Adapted) & set design by Hassan Raza






+ Note
Jaloos deals with the problems in society which we are facing with but do not want to or cannot change.

This play is inspired by Badal Sarkar’s short story.




+ Full Cast

  1. Vajdaan Shah as Security Officer
  2. Hammad Siddiq as Munna (Former)
  3. Moiz Qadeer as Munna
  4. Kamal Hussain as Peer Sahib
  5. Haris Khan as Chorus #1
  6. Syed Jameel as Chorus #2
  7. Umair Rafiq as Chorus #3
  8. Hassan Khan as Chorus #4
  9. Shahjahan Narejo as Chorus #5
  10. Ghulam Murtaza as Chorus #6
  11. Aisha Iqbal as Chorus #7
  12. Sana Hussain as Chorus #8






+ Plot
It represents those people in society who are downtrodden, suffering, who do not get justice and are ignored by society.





+ High Points
i – Haris Khan plays comic roles in best way possible. He is a great performer with highly skilled acting chops. His handshake with Peer Sahib was one of the most iconic scenes of this play.

ii – Vajdaan Shah performance as Security Officer is strictly performed in realistic manner. Other Honorable Mentions: Kamal Hussain, Syed Jameel, Hassan Khan and Umair Rafiq.

iii – Hassan Raza did a fantastic job in directing this delicate play. One needs a lot of guts to pull this off in such enjoyable comic manner without taking it seriously* (in terms of getting highly offended by it).

iv – The satire humor was touched on hyper sensitive multiple issues which are too taboo to be discussed among close friends even, were very bravely performed.

v – The set design was brightly color-filled constructed.

vi – The live song was sung elegantly.

vii – The screenplay was engaging while the Peer Sahib character was the most appealing.





+ Low Points
i – This play is strictly for a selected audience only. The possibility is likely high for receiving extremely negative reactions, if it is shown to the mass audience.

ii – Both Munna scenes were slow and dragged. Munna character reminded me of ‘Kenny’ from South Park cartoon series.





+ Overall
Jaloos is a play with funny humor which was bravely performed and touched on many sensitive issues in satire mayhem.



Rate: 4.0 out of 5 stars


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