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Mr. Khan’s Review on Aasey Hi Chalta Hai (2017)

A review on Pakistani Comedy theatre play, Aasey Hi Chalta Hai (2017). It was performed at NAPA’s International Theatre Festival 2017.




+ Crew

  • Directed & Set Design by Uzma Sabeen
  • Written by Qadir Khan






+ Note
Aasey Hi Chalta Hai is a social commentary on the vicious circle of our system which is designed to serve the elite rather than being helpful to the common man.



+ Full Cast

  1. Tanveer Gill as Common Man
  2. Ahmer Hussain as Stranger
  3. Fraz Chhotani as Head Clerk
  4. Hammad Khan as Clerk
  5. Ashfaq Ahmed as Agriculture / Cultural / Plantation Dept. Minister
  6. Naz as News Report #1
  7. Haris Khan as News Report #2
  8. Najma Kifayat as MNA





+ Plot
A common man tries to help a poet who accidentally stuck under a fallen tree. He tries to bring help by arranging rescue team from the govt. but their only concern is regarding beneficial matters.



+ High Points
i – Even if Hammad Khan has no punch lines to deliver, even then he has his means to make the audience laugh. His body gestures, movements and hilarious facial expressions were stealing the show from the main cast. Instead of watching and listening carefully as to what other characters are doing, the audience was forced to take a good look at him as what he was doing exactly.

ii – Fraz Chhotani played his supporting role very well and effectively as Head Clerk. Other Honorable Mentions: Ashfaq Ahmed and Tanveer Gill.

iii – Good direction yet again by wonderful Uzma Sabeen. She is very talented in directing comedies.

iv – The message of the black comedy was well intended and represented in a very comical method.

v – The set was well designed and constructed.




+ Low Points
i – Most of the jokes and funny punch lines were repetitive, predictable and therefore tiresome to listen to.

ii – The play was too short. It ended in just 40 minutes! Some of the people were thinking that now the play has started to be interesting… and the play was suddenly over.

iii – The cast was picked with strong performers but unfortunately their talents were wasted majorly due to minor roles.

iv – Audience find it hard to believe that the play has actually ended because of its abrupt ending. Most of the people kept remaining at their seats thinking perhaps this is just an interval.


+ Overall
Aasay Hi Chalta Hai’s talented cast shines full of humor with combination of good direction but can’t make up for a short premise and lack of worthy jokes.



Rate: 3.0 out of 5 stars


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