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Mr. Khan’s Review on Pari (2018)

A review on Pakistani Horror feature length film, Pari (2018). The Production Houses are MIG World Media USA and Screen Shots Productions while its Distributor is Filmica Pictures.




+ Crew

  • Written, Directed & Produced by Syed Atif Ali
  • Co-Written by Muhammad Ahsan
  • Cinematography by Akthar Nadeem
  • Edited by Ashar Baig
  • Co-Produced by Mobeen Mehmood




+ Note

Pari is shot at the most mesmerizing location of Ayyubia; Pakistan. This film is inspired by some of well-known English Horror films, such as The Shining (1980), Paranormal Activity (2007) and The Omen (1976). The evil reflection in this film had a solid resemblance of the evil nun character in the Hollywood Horror feature length film, The Conjuring (2016); although the director has strongly denied this to be his inspiration for the character. Coincidentally, just almost after a month a Bollywood Horror film is to be released on 2nd Mar 2018 by the same name with similar plot.

There is a scene in the film where legendary late actors Gregory Peck and Omar Sharif pictures are listed as Board of Directors of the hospital. I could understand to why he (director) may have done this for as it was intentional. In the fame English horror film, The Omen, Gregory Peck played the lead role in it. So his inclusion as in this film was an Easter egg actually and understandable. However as for Omar Sharif, he was simply included due to director’s admiration for the late actor which was irrelevant for this horror film.

Its music is composed by Masood Alam while the visual effects been conducted and supervised by SM Yahya, Muhammad Owais Mubbashir, Danish Raza and Azam. Its makeup is done by Saima Shah. There are some cameos in the film, which are performed by two of the NAPA actors.

There are some SPOILERS mentioned below!





+ Main Cast

  1. Junaid Akhtar as Shehram
  2. Azekha Daniyal as Mehwish
  3. Khushi Maheen as Pari
  4. Saleem Mairaj as Abdullah




+ Supportive Cast

  1. Qavi Khan as Professor Sahab
  2. Rasheed Naz as Imam
  3. Faiq Asim as Abdullah’s Son
  4. Owais Mubashir as Drug Addict (Cameo)
  5. Hammad Siddiqui as Hospital Receptionist (Cameo)




+ Plot

A young married couple with their only daughter shift to new home, isolated from the city have started to face some strange evil happenings and disturbances.





+ High Points

i – Saleem Mairaj as Abdullah has performed very well. He is a great actor and has always made his roles memorable in any project; mild performances by everyone else.

ii – Some songs in the film were okay, average at best.

iii – Good job on Makeup & hair styling. The special effects used in makeup looked really cool.

iv – The location to shoot a horror film was good, more suitable for the film’s content.

v – Stephen King’s novel Dead Rising was a direct hint given earlier in the film regarding the reason why evil happenings occurring around the protagonist’s family.





+ Low Points

i – It is exceptional to see no horror in a horror film. What we witness here was several attempted jump scares… attempted.

ii – Really terrible use of visual effects. It’s really a shame to amount of money was invested to make it look real. Such as, the snake climbing on a tree, self-evil reflections and the girl on wires… the list goes on.

iii – What was the link between the tree and Pari? Why Pari didn’t acted evil before entering the new house? What were Pari’s real intentions behind her evil acts? Was the house haunted by evil spirit or it was controlled by Pari from day one? (We know that the other spirit was not evil). Too many questions left unanswered.

iv – I am not sure if Qavi Khan’s performance to be labeled as good or bad. He is so scared from something following him late at night that even after banging loud on the door to open, he is more interested to tell 5 minutes long story of how he got this far at the door step than to enter the home first.

v – Really? Is it that easy to use a black magic book to raise the dead without any prior experience, knowledge? Cool! I am going to book one myself.

vi – The final conflict with the devil was child’s play to get rid of.

vii – Except for Saleem Mairaj’s role, all other supporting characters were weakly written.

viii – If I had that big scar on my arm or loved one’s then I would have visited the doctor right away.

ix – It is not necessary to live at such a house if all the strange things have started to happen ever since the very day shifted there. Safety always comes first.





+ Overall

Having Pakistani horror films released so rarely, Pari turns out to be another disappointment even for their die-hard fans.





Rate: 1.0 out of 5 stars


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