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Mr. Khan’s Review on Shah (2015)

A review on Pakistani biographical feature length film, Shah (2015). The Production House is Logos Films & Media while its Distributors are ARY Films and Footprint Entertainment.




+ Crew

  • Directed, Written & Music by Adnan Sarwar
  • Cinematography by Omar Daraz & Hassan Zaidi
  • Edited by Tahir Ali
  • Co-Music by Farhan Albert





+ Note

Shah is based on a biography of great Pakistani former boxer, Syed Hussain Shah portrayed by Adnan Sarwar. Hussain Shah is a bronze medal winner at the 1988 Summer Olympics who became the only boxer in Pakistan’s history to secure an Olympic medal. Adnan Sarwar underwent one year of boxing training to portray Hussain Shah.

The film production took place in Pakistan where the production team claimed that they raised $20,000, saying “We’ve raised that $20,000 and are going to give it to him because that’s a debt we owe him as a nation.” Adnan Sarwar has also set up a boxing scholarship for Lyari’s street kids, who are part of the film’s cast.





+ Main Cast

  1. Adnan Sarwar as Hussain Shah
  2. Sardar Baloch as Hussain Shah (Child)
  3. Gulab Chandio as Chacha
  4. Kiran Chaudhry as Noor (Journalist)
  5. Faiz Chohan as Director of Sports Federation
  6. Miraal Sara Intesar as Saba Faisal
  7. Adeel Raees as Shamsher Baloch (Friend)





+ Plot

A journey of a homeless child in the streets of Layari who become an Olympian for his country Pakistan at the 1988 Seoul Olympics but was later forgotten by public and media alike.





+ High Points

i – Adnan Sarwar’s performance is admirable. He not only appeared as protagonist but also contributed in its direction, writing and even composing the music for this film. Other Honorable Mentions: Faiz Chohan.

ii – After such a long time, a good Pakistani film is produced which is based on a great sportsman.

iii – It’s not just a biographical boxer-based film but a film with very strong message in it which to some it is an eye opener to what happens to retired sports personalities with poor, uneducated background. However what is more haunting to know is that this very issue still happens today.

iv – The cinematography and its color balance helped this film to be more memorable.

v – The film editing is very effective.





+ Low Points

i – There were hardly any scenes regarding to his personal life shown except for his childhood days.

ii – In the starting of the scenes, we are shown a journalist who is covering this story on a national legendary retired boxer. We were made to believe she might have an important supportive (if not of the main lead) role in this film. However, that was not the case.




+ Overall

Its magical to watch Adnan Sarwar on-screen with such enthusiasm and passion in his multiple contributions to Shah. It leaves behind its mark, in ever-lasting love and support in the viewers’ hearts for our retired national sportsmen… to help them more.




Rate: 3.50 out of 5 stars


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