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Mr. Khan’s Review on Mann Ke Moti (2013 – 14)

A review on Pakistani TV Drama Series, Mann Ke Moti (2013 – 14) aka Qismet Ke Khial. Its Production House is A & B Productions while its Distributor is Geo Entertainment.



+ Crew

  • Directed by Nadeem Siddique & Ali Faizan
  • Written by Kifayat Rodini
  • Director of Photography by Saleem Abbas, Rehan Mirza & Adnan Bukhari
  • Score by Mohsin Allahditta
  • Produced by Asif Raza Mir and Babar Javed



+ Note
Mann Ke Moti aired on Geo Entertainment from 23rd Feb 2013 – 7th Dec 2014. In total it consists of 62 episodes (1 – 2 Seasons). Its associate director is Hassan Qureshi and assistant director is Azam Khan. The editing is done by Kashif Ahmed and its production design by Waqas Hassan Rizvi.

Nadeem Siddique directed the 1st Season while the 2nd Season was directed by Ali Faizan. In India, this drama series is known as ‘Qismet Ke Khial’.

This review may carry SPOILERS!




+ Main Cast

  1. Faisal Qureshi as Raheel
  2. Yasra Rizvi as Fariha
  3. Zuhab Khan as Guddu / Bablo
  4. Fiza Arif as Hina (Young)
  5. Sonia Kazmi as Falak (Young)
  6. Asma Abbas as Nasreen / Raheel’s Mother
  7. Waseem Abbas as Farhan
  8. Suddu Ali as Daniyal (Young)






+ Supportive Cast

  1. Sundas Tariq as Zara / Raheel’s Sister #1
  2. Minza Waqas as Maham / Raheel’s Sister #2
  3. Suhaee Abro as Hina (Adult)
  4. Faizan Khajawa as Daniyal (Adult)
  5. Mona Shah as Falak (Adult)
  6. Ali Sheikh as Sagheer / Falak’s Boyfriend
  7. Arisha Razi as Munni
  8. Arjumand Rahim as Bablo’s Mother






+ Other Cast

  1. Aiman Khan as Sehrish / Maham’s Sister-in-Law #1
  2. Minal Khan as Kaavish / Maham’s Sister-in-Law #2
  3. Faizan Shaikh as Asfaq / Maham’s Husband
  4. Fareeha Jabeen as Maham’s Mother-in-law
  5. Sohail Khan as Maham’s Father-in-law
  6. Omer Shahzad as Zara’s Husband
  7. N/A as Nida / Falak’s Friend
  8. Malik Raza as Garbage Collector (Cameo)
  9. Salahuddin Tunio as Sagheer’s Father




+ Plot

Raheel feels it’s necessary for him to go abroad for work to earn a better living for his family. Although his family, including his mother is against to such decision as they would be alone without his presence. Soon, bad luck is struck upon Raheel’s family where they need to survive on their limited resources.



+ High Points

i – Zuhab Khan gave a superb performance as loud mouth, short temper son / brother as Guddu / Bablo who speaks out bluntly but is good at heart. It is rare to see such performance by a child star. Other Honorable Mentions: Yasra Rizvi, Asma Abbas, Faisal Qureshi, Waseem Abbas, Aiman & Minal Khan and Faizan Khajawa.

ii – The hardships to show how the family has to struggle in absence of Raheel and how their most closest ones starts to reject them from their lives is very realistically been shown to the audience.

iii – Though the performances by the entire cast is good but the child stars especially have done a fantastic job, such as Sonia Kazmi, Fiza Arif and Suddu Ali.

iv – It is interesting to watch as the story continues to progress without the lead actor; how Raheel’s family suffer mainly the children, is heart breaking to watch. It reminded me of the fame Bengal film, Pather Panchali (1955).

v – A sensitive, uncalled love relationship is shown of Hina & Daniyal and how the both families have to deal this situation including consulting the religious law over it.

vi – The direction of the 1st season by Nadeem Siddique is praise worthy. The collaboration with the writer, Kifayat Rodani has helped Nadeem to direct the first season is very intriguing manner.




+ Low Points

i – Wait, hold on a second… you are telling me that Raheel’s both sisters are now living elsewhere (one is in Islamabad and other in Dubai) therefore it’s okay that they are not informed of their mother’s near death condition including falling in coma for such a long time and Raheel’s 12 years of absence return. What?!

ii – An embarrassing end to this ‘Once a Great’ TV drama series. This would happen only when one cannot take ‘No’ for an answer. Instead of having respectable, decent end which you did had in 44th episode. And yet, why go for the second season (45 – 62 episodes) came from the depths of hell which was highly unnecessary to show and the inclusion of mumbo, jumbo ‘Black Magic Baba’ with a tongue-in-cheek to watch and eventually make fun of yourself as to why watched this TV series in the first place for.

Mann K Moti’s 2nd season and its end, strongly reminded me of infamous TV series Mann Mayal (2016); a very similar ending to watch in it too.

iii – I am not sure if Arjumand Rahim was the best option to play Bablo’s mother. Same thing I would say for Fareeha Jabeen in a mother’s role. They both are best suitable for negative roles only. Yes, I know that here too they were used in somewhat negative light but would prefer some other good actresses in such characters.

iv – Just because your production team / writer was forced to end this drama series with 62nd as your last episode, therefore showing anything on-screen doesn’t do the job as effective as it needs to be. Example: Sagheer few episodes ago, was making fun of Falak & her father. And the next thing you know is that he is seriously begging Falak for forgiveness, make her accept him as once more as her ‘Loving, Caring’ husband!!  How does his character made such a sudden ‘Big Leap’ to change his flirt type nature to a ‘Mature’ one completely?

The reasons that they tried to show was that by living with his first wife he had realized of his mistakes (in such a short time) and wants to leave his lavish life so that he could be with Falak and her baby forever.

This is highly indigestible and unforgivable by the audience to accept such a big change in his negative character. If you had shown that his character was having changes slowly and gradually then yes, we as an audience would have no issue. But this is no Tamil Film!




+ Overall
Mann Ke Moti plays with your emotions well with good direction and strong performances by the child stars mainly but this only lasts till the first season.




Rate: 2.75 out of 5 stars


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