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Mr. Khan’s Review on Double Feature: Mernay Se Phele Janat (2016) and Bhadshahat Ka Khatima (2016)

A review on double feature Pakistani Rom-Drama theatre plays, Mernay Se Phele Janat (2016) and Bhadshahat Ka Khatima (2016). These two plays were conducted at NAPA.




+ Crew

  • Directed by Khalid Ahmed
  • Written by Bee Gul (Mernay Se Phele Janat) and Saadat Hasan Manto (Bhadshahat Ka Khatima)




+ Note

Mernay Se Phele Janat is based on those parents whose children leave them in such fragile aged state all alone. As for Bhadshahat Ka Khatima, it revolves around on true friendship between a man (bum) and a woman (higher status) due to their loneliness.

The set design is basically the same for both the plays, only the wall barriers are put at different placements.




+ Full Cast (Mernay Se Phele Janat)

  1. Khalid Ahmed as Aba Jee
  2. Bakhtawar Mazhar as Janaat





+ Plot

It is about of an ailing aged man who is alone at his home with a maid. Therefore, he gains friendship with his maid who is the only one who cares for him.






+ Full Cast (Bhadshahat Ka Khatima)

  1. Nazar Ul Hasan as Manmohan
  2. Kaif Ghaznavi as Khaatoon





+ Plot

Manmohan is a bum in his late 40s, who practically used to live on footpath but now recently started living at his friend’s abandoned office. One day, he receives a call by a woman by mistake at first. But then she somehow feels connected by him and draws nearer to him. Their true friendship continues on telephonic conversation only. Manmohan who has started to enjoy her companionship though never even bothered to ask her name.




+ High Points

i – The name ‘Nazar Ul Hasan’ is the meaning of ‘Outstanding Performance’. If you want to watch something really amazing, then simply watch him perform. He completely becomes that given character from the heart and soul.

ii – The performances by all four actors have been magnificent. They knew their lines as if spoken directly from the bottom of their hearts.

iii – The direction throughout the play was well taken care of such as when Janaat’s character turns her attention to face the imaginary person on the other end and gives her lines.

iv – Both the plays were very intriguing to watch while the performances by both of the actors is of the highest quality which made this play even more engaging.

v – Kaif Ghaznavi played her role in most compelling way. Her voice is charming as she sung few songs in the play.

vi – The light humor in these two plays was alluring to watch and thoroughly enjoyed.

vii – The set design was nicely designed and constructed till its requirement.

viii – The costume designs for the performers suited their characters perfectly.

ix – The ambiance that was created during the play especially how the flash back scenes were directed. Bravo!




+ Low Points

i – Mernay Se Phele Janat ends with an ambiguous note… not that I’m complaining but many people were left with scratching their heads.

ii – Some technical issue regarding handling of lighting being focused during a performance.


+ Overall

Strong performances, excellent direction, beautiful scripts with workable set design is enough to consider Mernay Se Phele Janat and Bhadshahat Ka Khatima to be considered a ‘Masterpiece’ in the theatre world.




Rate: 5 out of 5 stars


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