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Mr. Khan’s Review on Saawan (2016)

A review on Pakistani Thriller-Drama feature length film, Saawan aka Saawan: Quest for Survival (2016). The Production House is Kalakar Films while its Distributor is Geo Films.



+ Crew

  • Cinematography & Directed by Farhan Alam
  • Written & Produced by Mashood Qadri
  • Edited by Aseem Sinha
  • Production Designed by Shahid Hussain
  • Co-Produced by Asma Qadri




+ Note

Saawan is based on a true story of a disabled child, who faced difficulties in the deserts of Pakistan. Its music is composed by Anne Kathrin Dern & Emir Işılay while a special appearance is made by Lt. Gen. S. A. A. Najmi (R).

This film was shot in the Balochistan and Northern region of Pakistan in Quetta district, Ziarat district, Gilgit-Baltistan and Shigar.

Saawan won ‘Best Film’ and ‘Best Director’ at the Social World Film Festival 2017 in Naples, Italy. And in the same year, ‘Best Foreign Language Feature Film’ award at the Madrid International Film Festival and at Alexandria Film Festival. It was selected as the Pakistani entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards, but it was not nominated.




+ Main Cast

  1. Syed Karam Abbas Hussain as Saawan
  2. Arif Bahalim as Father
  3. Najiba Faiz as Mother
  4. Saleem Mairaj as Child Abductor
  5. Muhammad Abbas as Rehmat
  6. Imran Aslam as News Reporter
  7. Hafeez Ali as N/A
  8. Sehrish Qadri as N/A






+ Supporting Cast

  1. Sohail Malik as N/A
  2. Shahid Niazmi as N/A
  3. Danial Yunus as N/A
  4. Mehek Zulfiqar as N/A
  5. Syed Muhammad Ali as N/A
  6. Liam as Three-leg Dog
  7. Tipu Sharif as Army Officer (Cameo)
  8. Gen. S. A. A. Najmi (R) as N/A





+ Plot

A handicapped 9-year old boy who lives in a valley in the mountains of Balochistan is rejected by his father, intimidated by society, harassed by friends and left alone due to his disability. Strengthened by memories and dreams of the love of his mother, he begins a perilous journey back to his family in the main city.




+ High Points

i – The production design of this film’s plot of showing ghost town in a deserted, mountainous area of the rural Balochistan, and some of the city areas, have worked well with story’s requirement.

ii – The main cast is lesser known / commercial faces you would find, which has helped this film’s story to be taken more realism and believable.





+ Low Points

i – The writer has highlighted several issues one has to face while residing at Balochistan. This has made the viewers to lose focus from the main issue, Saawan was trying to look on.

ii – I don’t even remember listening to any proper vocal songs or songs good enough to recall.




+ Overall

Saawan lacks the thrill & the excitement of the protagonist’s magical journey towards survival and bravery, despite some convincing performances.




Rate: 1.50 out of 5 stars


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