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Mr. Khan’s Review on Bhool (2014)

A review on Pakistani TV Soap Series, Bhool (2014) aka Fault. Its Distributor is Hum Entertainment.


+ Crew
I. Directed by Asad Malik
II. Written by Syed Wasi Shah
III. Produced by Momina Duraid and Gemstone Production
IV. Theme Music Composed by Wajid Saeed



+ Note
Bhool was aired on Hum TV from 13th Jan 2014 – 24th Apr 2014. It consists of total 76 episodes. At 3rd Hum Awards series was nominated Best Soap Actor for Shehroz Sabzwari, Best Soap Actress for Sanam Chaudhry and Best Soap Series for Momina Duraid. The story is set against a backdrop of political intrigue revolving around a family that suffers from love, hate, selfishness and deceit.



+ Main Cast

  1. Shehroz Sabzwari as Shazain
  2. Sanam Chaudhry as Hira
  3. Sara Khan as Nida
  4. Haya Sehgal as Hira’s Step Mom






+ Supportive Cast

  1. Behroze Sabzwari as Nida’s Father
  2. Saleem Sheikh as Sardar Jahanzaib (Hira’s Father)
  3. Fazila Qazi as Nida’s Mom
  4. N/A as Homicidal Manic




+ Plot

Shazain and Nida run away from their families to get married. After some years Shazain who is now happily married family man, is introduced to Sardar Jahanzaib and to his young daughter Hira who took some years to recover from her nervous breakdown after losing her mom. After their first meeting, Hira’s only hope of living is the love towards Shazain that is to win him by any means necessary.



+ High Points
i – Haya Sehgal performance as Hira’s step mother was very effective and good while mild performances by everyone else.

ii – Nice to see Saleem Sheikh on TV screen after long, long time. Welcome back!




+ Low Points
i – Nida looked older than Shazain, more like bhabhi than wife.

ii – Nervous breakdown of Hira earlier and late episodes was expected but with too much shout and cry. I would prefer watching some other channel instead.

iii – What a couple of goons did Hira hires to kidnap Shazain’s wife, that Nida attempts to run away two times. And speaking of kidnapping, to know that anything could had happened to his wife… we are shown that on the night of kidnapping, her two kids are so worried that they order pizza and then they both and Shazain sleep peacefully in their rooms.

iv – We are shown that Nida has not eaten anything or very minor while being hostage that she is malnutrition but still have enough energy to run away to some distance without them the two goons knowing. Plus the room where she is kept as hostage looked so fragile to be opened with one hard push only.

v – After losing Nida, her parents are not shown at all especially her father to make any efforts in investigating or force arrest Shazain or fight the custody of his grandchildren as he once said to do in mid episodes.

vi – Sardar Jahanzaib never gets to know that his only daughter ever hired goons to kidnap and murder someone. Not only this but the fact that the same goons he had hired to kill his second wife for political gains.

vii – At one time, Hira’s father seemed very desperate to get his daughter married to any guy and in next few episodes, he lost the interest to get his wish fulfilled.

viii – If God forbids someone’s loved one is kidnapped once, then he / she would increase the security measures and restricted that person’s outgoing as does not want to repeat their same mistake twice. However, here we are shown that even after Nida’s kidnap and return home safe, no security measures or restrictions are been implemented. Instead, this is what the same goons take the opportunity by trespassing, break in to their house and steal their valuables and kill the person for what they were hired to do. Wa! Wa!

Oh, and speaking of the valuables, normally people keep their jewelry and valuable items at locker rooms of a bank but here Nida’s all the jewelry is still kept in their boxes, inside a cupboard where any person even a maid can steal it easily.

ix – Whenever you see someone sleeping in their rooms, their room lights are always brightly lit on.

x – Honestly, there was nothing new to watch here. The love obsession is something, ‘Been there, done that’. It means, we have watched SO MANY movies and TV series using same story on and on. Come on now! If you want to invest in a soap series, please write something new and different. Not interested to watch ‘Ghisi Piti stories’.

xi – Yes, naturally the finale was predictable… by 10 miles at least!

xii – The real story / interest began by 28th or 29th episode. Now except for the reviewers, how anyone in the public would watch this soap series with interest? What first impression you are giving us? People who have nothing else to do might watch your soap series just to kill time. I can assure you that it was real challenge for me to watch this soap series till the end.

What is more shocking to know is that this soap series was nominated in Best Soap Series on Hum TV awards! What?!?



+ Overall
A number of love obsession films rip-off, Bhool is a highly predictable, mediocre thriller drama.



Rate: 0.25 out of 5 stars


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