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Mr. Khan’s Review on Sammi (2017)

A review on Pakistani TV Drama Series, ‘Sammi’ (2017); its Production Houses are MD Productions and Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs while Distribution is done by Hum TV.



+ Crew

  • Directed by Saife Hassan
  • Written by Noor-ul-Huda Shah
  • Edited by Saad Bin Jawed & Jamil Iqbal
  • Music by Sahir Ali Bagga
  • Produced by Momina Duraid



+ Note

Sammi aired on Hum TV from 29th Jan 2017 to 25th Jun 2017. In total it consists of 21 episodes. It centers social issues on the rural society revolving around the concept of Vanni, the series shows moral lessons against common issues such as gender discrimination.

The Opening theme Jag Khed’da Phire sung by Zeb Bangash and Zaheer Abbas while its lyrics written by Maj. Imran Raza.



+ Main Cast

  1. Mawra Hocane as Sammi Jutt
  2. Adnan Siddiqui as Rashid
  3. Rehan Sheikh as Chaudhry Rab Nawaz Raja
  4. Sania Saeed as Chandi
  5. Haris Waheed as Waqas Jutt
  6. Saman Ansari as Salima
  7. Bilal Khan as Aaliyan





+ Supportive Cast

  1. Nadia Afgan as Naheed
  2. Ahad Raza Mir as Salar
  3. Seemi Raheel as Zarina
  4. Madiha Rizvi as Zulekha Chaudhry
  5. Irfan Khoosat as Riaz Jutt
  6. Humera Ali as Nargis Jutt
  7. Nazar Hassan as Ghulam Mustafa




+ Minor Cast

  1. Noor-ul-Hassan as Fazal-ud-din Jamaluddin (Ba Fazal)
  2. Kinza Malik as Bilquis
  3. Beena Chaudhry as Naheed’s sister-in-law
  4. Malik Raza as Naheed’s brother
  5. Zain Mirza Baig as Pervaiz (Cameo)
  6. Saife Hassan as Zulekha’s Relative (Cameo)




+ Plot

With the deal of being Vanni, it revolves around the journey of Sammi, a young girl who was sold off by her family to the Chaudhry family where her brother had killed her fiancée.



+ High Points

i – Saman Ansari as Salima gave a very strong performance as helpless mother of 4 – 5 daughters and a very concerned wife. She played a vital role as a supportive character to co-star Adnan Siddique who played as her husband. Salima’s desperate desire for a son with a belief who would bring long lasting happiness and great strength by the side of his father was very well convinced on-screen. This is definitely a memorable character Saman has performed. Thumbs up!

ii – Sania Saeed as Chandi played out a solid performance as emotional, overprotective mother. She plays really well this kind of role and usually is landed with a similar character to play. Other Honorable Mentions: Humera Ali, Haris Waheed, Rehan Sheikh, Seemi Raheel and Adnan Siddique.

iii – A different plot with a different and interesting story to tell. The tribal legacy, coming up with their personal rules and regulations at their territory was the edge here.

iv – A good and satisfying finale.

v – Some of the characters were very well written, such as Aaliyan portrayed by Bilal Khan and Adnan Siddique’s character as Rashid.

vi – For such a small story, 21 episodes were enough. It’s a good call by the director, for not producing unnecessary episodes.



+ Low Points

i – Mawra Hocane acting is… fair at best. It’s a wonder, how she was landed with the lead role?

ii – The drama series had huge lack of interest for me, hard to say that I enjoyed watching it.

iii – Type caste roles are given to most of the cast members. Fresh & talented faces needed!

iv – It seems that TV industry has made their habit to give emotional scenes to Sania Saeed to do. I mean, can’t she be given something comic to do?

v – It’s possible that Chaudhry Rab Nawaz’s power was shown much lessened than the usual cruel waderas that we watch or see in real life, only to differentiate him from others. This story is however based on a novel. Talking about his abuse of power, I always felt that he could do much more than this but holding himself back; though one reason was shown much later due to his son’s change of heart.




+ Overall
Sammi is ambitious drama series and succeeds on a number of levels but it has some flaws especially in the department of gaining interest level and consisting of the weak lead performer.



Rate: 2.75 out of 5 stars


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