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Mr. Khan’s Review on Bholi Bano (2017)

A review on Pakistani TV Drama Series, Bholi Bano aka Innocent Bano (2017). Its Production is Mastermind Production while Distribution is done by Geo Entertainment.



+ Crew

  • Directed by Furqan Adam
  • Written by Samra Bukhari
  • Director of Photography by Sunny Shah
  • Makeup by Saima
  • Produced by Hassan Zia



+ Note

Bholi Bano aired on Geo Entertainment from 27th Feb 2017 to 11th Sep 2017. In total it consists of 48 episodes. It was shot in various areas of Sindh, including Mirpur Khas, Hyderabad, some internal villages and Karachi.

The song OST is sung by K.S Chithra, music composed by Awais Masood and lyrics by Sabir Zafar. The Makeup is done by Saima & Ali Raza.

Bholi Bano ran twice a week. It was one of the top rated and most watched serials of 2017.



+ Main Cast

  1. Hiba Bukhari as Bano
  2. Syed Jibran as Tajdaar
  3. Syed Arez as Soban
  4. Namrah Shahid as Zeenia
  5. Humaira Bano as Zeenia’s Mom
  6. Sajida Syed as Kulsoom / Tajdaar’s Mom





+ Supportive Cast

  1. Samina Ahmed as Nani
  2. Imran Bukhari as Abid
  3. Hajra Yamin as Shela
  4. Erum Bashir as Hura
  5. Jawed Jamal as Soban’s Father
  6. Waseem Abbas as Asghar






+ Minor Cast

  1. Kanwar Arsalan as Kaif / Shela’s Friend
  2. Shabana Hasan as Suka
  3. Zuhab Khan as Tipu
  4. Sara Umair as Abid’s Friend
  5. N/A as Pak Bhari
  6. Waqar Nadeem as Allah-uddin




+ Plot

A beautiful innocent girl, Bano who is an orphan lives with her Nani & Mamo. During this time, Tajdaar (a wealthy interior Sindh landlord) falls in love with her secretly. After her marriage, her in-laws turn her life into a living hell. Meanwhile Tajdaar is desperate but helpless to watch Bano being suffered like this and refuses his help or interference.




+ High Points

i – Hiba Bukhari as Bholi Bano gave a very strong performance as cute, caring loving wife and daughter-in-law. This is the first performance I have watched of Hiba and undoubtedly thrilled with her role’s execution. This character would certainly be marked as iconic and memorable for her acting career.

ii – Humaira Bano as Zeenia’s Mom has played out a very shrewd and ill hearted character on screen. It is difficult for any performer to be loved by the viewers’ when you are playing a negative character even if you have given an amazing performance. Other Honorable Mentions: Syed Arez, Namrah Shahid, Samina Ahmed, Syed Jibran and Erum Bashir.

iii – Characters such as Bano, Soban and Tajdaar were well written and exciting to watch.

iv – It is a delight to see several good theatre stars such as Shabana Hassan, Erum Bashir, Hajra Yamin and Waqar Nadeem.

v – Nice job done with makeup & hair styling.

vi – I liked how Abid was treated by his father-in-law in early time of his marriage knowingly why he tied the knot out of greed and luxury lifestyle.

vii – As a whole, everyone performances have been superb.

viii – I believe that the 18th episode was the most interesting to watch. It was the turning point for the drama series.



+ Low Points

i – Forty-eight episodes are way too much for any drama series. If you have a good, interesting story to tell then yes! You are most welcome to produce more episodes otherwise the last 18 episodes were absolute useless and unnecessary.

ii – Tajdaar mostly popping up in private situations out of nowhere such as in other’s kitchen, lounge and even their bedroom!

iii – Those scenes where Kaif and Asghar try to manipulate Shela to create differences, hatred for including where Kaif shared moments together with her are so mind-numbing that I literally wanted to avoid / fast forward them.

iv – Sudden big change of character of Zeenia’s mother and the decision of living abroad doesn’t make any head or tails.

v – I didn’t like how Hura’s character was written. The actress who played the character is such a wonderful performer but what can she do if the character is weakly handled?

vi – This got to be the worst finale I have ever watched in Pakistani TV dramas till now. You would certainly be left highly disappointed and unsatisfied.



+ Overall
Bholi Bano is entertaining at times with terrific performances, but it never reaches the surreal heights of adequate storytelling and its long-waiting deserving end.



Rate: 2.75 out of 5 stars

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