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Mr. Khan’s Review on Biwi Se Biwi Tak (2018 – 19)

A review on Pakistani TV Sit-Com, Biwi Se Biwi Tak (2018 – 19). It’s Production House and Distributor is Aaj Entertainment.



+ Crew

  • Directed & Produced by Sabir Ghani
  • Written by Babar Jamal and Yasir Mustafa
  • Director of Photography by Hajat Ali
  • Music by Jazaib Patafi
  • Co-Producer by Zafar Zaidi and Hunain Maniar



+ Note

Biwi Se Biwi Tak has aired on Aaj Entertainment from 23rd Jan 2018 – till date. In total its 55 episodes are currently been played. Roomi’s life is mysterious and full of challenges. And the best part is that how he cope-up with all these situations. This sitcom is closely related to a very popular Indian sitcom, Kabhi Idhar, Kabhi Udhar (1996 – 1997) starring Shehkar Suman. The main concept was the same likewise this Pakistani sitcom.

Other crew members are… the production designer is Noman Mujeeb Khan, for Post & VFX are Mudasir Shah, Waseem Qasim & M. Suffiyan and Edited by Mohammad Hasnain.

There have been guest appearances by a number of celebrities such as Mathira, Nasir Jan, Sana Askari, Rida Isfahani and many more.



+ Main Cast

  1. Aadi Adeal as Roomi
  2. Sundas Tariq as Zoya
  3. N/A as Channo
  4. Hunain Maniar as Roomi’s Friend
  5. Adil Wadia as Roomi’s Father



 + Plot

Roomi, a guy with polygamy marriage, stuck between two different mind sets wives, Zoya & Channo who are unaware of being married to same person.



+ High Points

i – I think I laughed at one joke in episode 3.



+ Low Points

i – If you have really bad script, weak story, plot structure before the project has started its production then it is wrong to blame the director for it. The writing whether it be of characterization of its main & supporting roles or their back story is done poorly. This is something you might write in your first draft.

ii – The jokes are so lame that you might want to cry for help.

iii – Low level of DOP been done here. Some of its camera shots should have been taken of medium close-up shots especially during the conversation scenes but what were gifted with as if the camera guy was taking a ride at a See-Saw.

iv – The production design of Roomi’s office and house shows that Biwi Se Biwi Tak were really low on budget.

v – As far as the makeup & hair styling is concerned, in the first 10 episodes, we get to watch an unrealistic wig that the lead actor, Aadi Adeal wears as if they are ‘Real Hair’. Anyone who takes a good look at his weird wig, one would like to burn it to ashes.

vi – The least favorite celebrities / people that you know on viral videos, have made guest appearances in their episodes.

vii – Nowhere did Roomi look like a married person.



+ Overall
Biwi Se Biwi Tak is filled with dull humor, outdated concept and for many, it is unwatchable.


Rate: 0 out of 5 stars


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