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Mr. Khan’s Review on Wrong No. 2 (2019)

A review on Pakistani Rom-Com feature length film, Wrong No. 2 (2019). The Production Houses are YNH Films and Mastermind Films while its Distributors are Distribution Club and Geo Films.



+ Crew

  1. Written & Directed by Yasir Nawaz
  2. Co-Written by Danish Nawaz and Hassan Ahmed
  3. Cinematography by Naeem Mustafa
  4. Edited by Salman Tehzeeb
  5. Produced by Sh. Amjad Rasheed and Hassan Zia





Wrong No. 2 is sequel to the 2015 film, Wrong No. also directed by Yasir Nawaz. However, this sequel is based on entirely different story and characters. The music is composed by Simaab Sen. The director, Yasir Nawaz and both the co-writers have starred in this film.

The two films including Wrong No. 2 released on Eid-ul-Fitr of 2019 have same names for their female lead character, Zoya.




+ Main Cast

  1. Yasir Nawaz as Mehboob
  2. Sana Fakhar as Masooma
  3. Neelam Muneer as Zoya
  4. Sami Khan as Omar
  5. Jawed Sheikh as Gul Nawaz
  6. Mehmood Aslam as Wazir Ali
  7. Hassan Ahmed as Happy




+ Supporting Cast

  1. Danish Nawaz as Shaukat
  2. N/A as Happy’s Mother
  3. Shafqat Cheema as Happy’s Father
  4. Ashraf Khan as Shaukat’s Father
  5. Fareeha Jabeen as Shaukat’s Mother
  6. Irfan Khoosat as Neighbor




+ Plot

Zoya, a rich heiress who falls in love with a man who is not as financially stable as herself. Her father mistakes her lover for someone else and they face a comedy of errors.




+ High Points

 i – Jawed Sheikh’s performance as Gul Nawaz made the audience filled with laughter in major of his scenes. Although he portrays as father in almost every Pakistani film that is released but to have a veteran actor such as Jawed Sheikh on-board is always a warm welcome. Other Honorable Mentions: Mehmood Aslam.

ii – The first performance I have watched of Hassan Ahmed was in a TV serial, Farwa Ki ABC (2015). Though, this TV drama was terrible to watch but Hassan’s performance came into notice. Here, in this film, he plays his character as Happy, a spoiled, adult pampered son who is a drug addict and wants to marry Zoya only for the sake of money. I believe that he is a good actor and should be given better, respectable roles for a change. That way, we all be witness to his potential towards acting skills, to know how well he can perform.

iii – The production design and the selection of shooting locations for couple of the songs are praise worthy.

iv – The dance choreography in one song is good that happens before a wedding ceremony.




+ Low Points

i – If you are a hardcore fan of such films as Baby’s Day Out (1994) or Power Rangers (1995), then Wrong No. 2 is just for you. The level of comedy used here stand in the ranks of childish-kindergarten humor. Vast number of the people were laughing at the cinema hall were children. Okay, you got me. Some humor is good enough to enjoy but the ratio for good comedy is minor in front of film’s majority of its scenes.

ii – The concept of having an aged character, Mehboob belonging to middle class family and dealing with financial issues while keeping himself off bay from corruption, is something the writer/director fails to utilize it properly.

iii – Instead of having Mehboob or Omar or Zoya’s character to be film’s journey… most of the scenes belong to the supporting characters, Gul Nawaz and Wazir Ali. Let’s face it, Jawed Sheikh and Mehmood Aslam are the best actors from the cast long before watching the film. All other lead stars performances are…

iv – We are shown Masooma (Sana Fakhar) to be an independent, respected faithful loving wife. Then we get to know that one of her children is diagnosed with terminal cancer. And to treat this fatal disease would cost the parents a hefty amount that they don’t have… When you (writer) have established such a strong emotional link with the audience, then why use the same character for sexual/seductive purpose in the shape of comedy?

She then starts working at Gul Nawaz’s home as a maid, where Gul Nawaz (Jawed Sheikh) becomes sexually attracted towards her, unknowingly of her reasons to work. The embarrassing close-up body shots are taken to create sexual humor.

v – If you had Sami Khan put up on a hanger and kept him inside a cupboard, no one in the audience would have notice his absence from the film. Not only his character carried any weight, his level of acting skills is the proof to show that our film industry still has issues of working on the grounds of personal favors, references, commercial names instead of hiring professional, new talented actors who would do a lot better if they are given a chance.

vi – There were many random jokes been made throughout the film without proper planning to where to put it exactly.

vii – The typical story, yet again where the rich girl falls in love with a guy not belonging to her social class. And her father wants to wed her off to the person of his choice. Really? Are we running out of ideas here or what?

viii – The film eventually becomes a drag, with a lot of yawns along the way.



+ Overall

After watching Wrong No. 2, I have finally realized that its predecessor wasn’t all that bad.



Rate: 1.0 out of 5 stars


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