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Mr. Khan’s Review on Doleh Darya Khan (2019)

A review on Pakistani Bio-Drama theatre play, Doleh Darya Khan (2019). This play was performed at NAPA International Theatre Festival 2019.



+ Crew

  • Directed by Ali Roshan
  • Written by Aagha Saleem
  • Production Design by Habib Burdi & Badar Khan
  • Makeup & Hair Styling by AB Otho
  • Produced by Half Fry Theatre Group


+ Note

Doleh Darya Khan is a Sindhi play, based on during the reign of Jam Nizamuddin of the Samma Dynasty (1461 – 1508). This historical play will explore the events that led to the death of Doleh Darya Khan.

This play is co-directed by Nadir Hussain who happens to be NAPA’s graduate student.


+ Main Cast

  1. Nizam Chandio as Doleh Darya Khan
  2. Haya Noor as Hemoo
  3. Ashiq Dayo as Jam Nizamuddin
  4. Fozia Samo as Rani Marki
  5. Sajan Khan as Jam Feroz
  6. Riyaz Hussain Soomro as Kahoo






+ Supporting Cast

  1. Sattar Lar as Lakheer
  2. Sajad Soomro as Hameer
  3. Ali Baba as Peghami
  4. Amjad Gul Soomro as Mir Qasim Qebki
  5. Piral Karmani as Darban#1
  6. Sudheer Chandio as Darban#2




+ Plot
A famous patriotic warrior, Doleh Darya Khan is the chief of his army and savior of Sindh. Due to his bravery & noble efforts, no enemy would dare attack Sindh while DDK is in authority.


+ High Points
i – An intriguing performance given by Riyaz Hussain Soomro as the queen’s drunken brother, Kahoo. Not only did he perform well, his character was very interesting to watch. The play grabs real life into it when Riyaz makes his entry.

ii – Having an appropriate sound design on-board was an excellent idea. It helped in understanding the given situation and transiting the scenes of the story line.

iii – The costumes designing was detailed and most suitable with characters’ profile.

iv – Amjad Gul plays a minor role as Mir Qasim Qebki but it was worth it. People were waiting for him to make his appearance. Even in such a small role, he successfully makes the audience laugh with his comic performance. Other Honorable Mentions: Ashiq Dayo, Sattar Lal and Nizam Chandio

v – The makeup & hair styling made the performers glamour under the lights. Their younger and aged characters matched with the performers’ portrayal for what they were given to play.



+ Low Points
i – I can understand that Amjad Gul plays comic characters only. But he is your ‘Trump Card’. It is advised to use him wisely by giving (if not lead then) at least a major role for him to play. In previous NAPA’s International Theatre Festival, Amjad was announced as a winner by me in the supporting role because of his brilliant performance.

If the play, Doleh Darya Khan does not have a comic relief character then make one (fictional) so that he could be part of your play as one of the main characters. For your kind of information, no ‘True Story’ is ‘The’ actual 100% true story. Some parts of it are always fictionalized.

Here too, it is strongly suggested to follow this path. Amjad Gul is a gifted performer who brings smiles to every age of spectator when he appears on-stage.

ii – A play based on one of the legendary warriors of interior Sindh, inclusion of a playback singer is a must!

iii – An addition of a proper music / score should have been a part of this play. Without it, the play is ‘Dry’ for the audience.

iv – Although the set design was properly constructed but it was visually basic in quality. Raise your stack by pouring more effort and budget for better, authentic look of production design. If this play is to be performed in big festivals such as NAPA’s International Theatre Festival, Sindhi Theatre Festival at Arts Council or for commercial reasons, then such production designs should improve.

v – The director should come up with a comprehensive play based on Doleh Darya Khan’s bio. I for instance, thought that this play was based on his life but in fact was merely based on some events only.

+ Overall

Despite its shortcomings, Doleh Darya Khan is a good attempt based on the portrayal of a fallen renowned warrior.

Rate: 3.0 out of 5 stars

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