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Mr. Khan’s Review on Dastangoi (2019)

A review on Pakistani Storytelling theatre play, Dastangoi (2019). This play was performed at NAPA International Theatre Festival 2019.



+ Crew

  • Directed by Nazar Ul Hasan
  • Produced by Dastango


+ Note

Dastangoi is a term made up of two words, Dastan which means Epic, and Goi means to Tell. This is used to be an oral storytelling tradition that dies in the early 20th century. This form of storytelling was very popular but in modern times, people are unfamiliar of it and their cycle of stories.

NAPA has conducted their festival plays and music performances in different Pakistani languages such as in Sindhi, Punjabi and continues to do so to invite more audience towards their theatre world.


+ Full Cast

  1. Fawad Khan
  2. Nazar-ul-Hasan
  3. Syed Meesam Naqvi
  4. Naz




+ Plot
Tales from the Adventures of Amir Hamza aka Dastan-e-Amir Hamza, five of Ayyar Bachian from Tilism-e-Hoshruba including an original contemporary Dastan are been told through the group of four performers.




+ High Points
i – A very entertaining performance given by Syed Meesam Naqvi as one of the storytellers. I could never imagine him to play such a vulgar role but in a very comic manner. Even today, he still has many surprises hidden underneath his sleeves.

ii – Speaking of vulgarity, it was Fawad Khan who takes the bigger share with yet another comic story teller with a detail account of a king with having massive gastritis problem whose story became a legend as per his descriptions. Even after his warning to the audience for proceeding towards obscene jokes, no one had thought of how much serious he really was.

iii – The humor was very open than being funny as the jokes were being played too much on the nose. Though, it all depended on the style of storytelling.

iv – I don’t remember even once glancing over my wrist watch. The play was highly entertaining.

v – A simple and formal style of production design was needed here.



+ Low Points
i – I admit that the play was very amusing where most of the people were enjoying it a lot. Still, no one could disagree that the ratio of toilet humor was used, it was too much to bear. The performer crossed all lines for it with no point of return.

ii – Such plays are not the kind of taste a family or formal guest would prefer to enjoy; especially when they have not anticipated from it. They would in fact, deem such plays as unwatchable.

iii – Does Naz really has something new to do? Repeated roles won’t get her any further in career than this.



+ Overall

Dastangoi on its face is so damn silly. But the cast’s strong commitment to the art of storytelling makes it work so well.




Rate: 4.0 out of 5 stars


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