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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Amrit Aur Maya’ (2017)

A review on Pakistani Drama TV Soap Series, ‘Amrit Aur Maya’ (2017). The Production House is Gold Bridge Media whereas its OST is sung by Sahir Ali Bagha.



+ Crew

  • Directed by Shafqat Shah Moinuddin
  • Cinematography by Hasnain Husain
  • Written by Sidra Sehar Imran, Robina Bilal & Hasan Umer
  • Edited by Sajjad Iqbal & Ebad Khan



+ Note
Amrit Aur Maya’ aired on Express Entertainment from 27th Mar 2017 – ? Up till now have watched total 51 episodes. It is a series of dramatic events full of love and sacrifice with a twinge of rebound, hatred and revenge.



+ Main Cast

  1. Shameen Khan as Amrit
  2. Sabahat Sarhandi as Maya
  3. Yasir Ali Khan as Wahab
  4. Rana Majid as Showbi
  5. Benazir Khan Chohan as Mansha (Wahab’s Cousin)
  6. Hasan Khan as Zawal (Amrit’s Co-worker)




+ Supportive Cast

  1. Ajab Gul as Amrit’s & Showbi’s Father
  2. Rashid Farooqui as Shoaib (Maya’s Father)
  3. Tanveer Jamal as Wahab’s Father
  4. Hina Sheikh Rizvi as Swaleha Khatoon (Amrit’s Mother)
  5. Parveen Somro as Amrit & Maya’s Khala



+ Plot

It focuses on the lives of two step sisters, Amrit & Maya who are very different to each other. Wahab, a handsome guy mutually loves Amrit. However, Mansha also loves Wahab and is the only choice of Wahab’s mother for Mansha to be her daughter-in-law. Whereas Maya (Mansha’s best friend & Amrit’s step sister) has fallen in love with Wahab as well and would do anything, go at any length to have him as her own.



+ High Points
i – A warm welcome to Shameen Khan as Amrit, to TV industry. She definitely made her mark with this lead role and performed good as innocent sweet sister. Other Honorable Mentions: Tanveer Jamal, Ajab Gul and Sabahat Sarhandi.

ii – Entry of Ajab Gul was a good choice as to play one of the main supporting roles. He is one of the well-known and great actors of our film & TV industry.



+ Low Points

i – The main plot starts very similar to Pakistani TV soap series Sangdil (2016) but then the story changes into being very simple, slow and drags unnecessarily. After 6th episode, the interest level started to regain from 35th episode which is a shame to see how many waste of episodes came in between.

ii – The subplots are as lame as the main plot.

iii – The characters are mostly written as annoying and boring.

iv – Below average quality tech guys (BTS team) hired to do the job

v – This soap series score is not good at all.

vi – Makeup & Hairstyling is so-so.

vi – Rare to see some good fresh faces.



+ Overall
If being dull, slow and a number of pointless episodes starts to pile up which isn’t obnoxiously loud enough, Amrit Aur Maya makes sure to get in a category of forgettable soap series as well.



Rate: 0.50 out of 5 stars

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