Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Thanda Garam: Eik Saath’ (2016)

A review on a Pakistani Comic thesis film, ‘Thanda Garam: Eik Saath’ (2016). The Production Company is SZABIST (students film production) while its Distributor is Rivayat Pictures.


+ Crew
I. Editing, Written, Directed & Produced by Mirza Shuja Uddin Beg
II. Cinematography by Affan Ahmed Khan
III. Sound Mixing and Makeup & Hair Styling by Altamash Ali Banani
IV. Co-Sound Mixing & Co-Edited by Rahim Aziz Sajwani


+ Note
Thanda Garam is a hilarious farce film where wrong people at wrong time are present in one house. A similar type of technique is famously used in the classic comedy film ‘Boeing, Boeing’ (1965) of Tony Curtis & Jerry Lewis. This thesis adviser is Zeeshan Haider while its Assistant Director is Amna Tariq and the 1st Unit Director is Sumair.


+ Cast
1. Kaleem Ghouri as Khumaar
2. Saad Zameer Fareedi as Bhala Bhai
3. Shabana Hassan as Laila/Laiba
4. Jahan Zaib Naviwala as Hijir
5. Zeeshan Ahmed Khan as (Voice Cameo)


+ Plot
In a very difficult situation, Khumaar has able to convince his love interest Laila to meet him at his home all alone to spend some ‘Special’ time together. But due to sudden unfortunate events, his close friend Hijr forcefully enters his home as he needs an urgent quick shower to get ready and reach to a ceremony (Valima) where Hijr’s crush is also coming. While all this is going on, Khumaar’s neighbor Bhala Bhai also drops by and insists to watch his favorite drama series on Khumaar’s TV since his own TV is not working.


+ High Points
i. First & foremost the script which is written by the director. In many places he could had used open sexual reference-based jokes which he did not but rather used a more double / hidden meaning. Nowhere would I say that the jokes were vulgar or should not to be watched by mass audience.

ii. Saad Zameer Fareedi, {Wa Puthr! Tu To Cha Gaya} means this actor performed so brilliantly and intelligently that I would personally recommend him to any TV or Film Maker out there. This guy is the ‘Real Deal’, interesting to watch whenever his scenes were shown in the film. The director told me that he barely discussed with Saad what to do according to his character wants. He further added that the actor himself is so well trained and naturally talented that Saad knew exactly how to deliver the essential acting chops in able to gain audience attention towards him. Whenever Saad entered the frame as Bhala Bhai, the audience had huge smiles on their faces.

iii. It was a real challenge for the director that how he would be able to pull this off without raising his film ratings for targeted audience. At best I could say its a PG-13 film. Anyone who watches this film, would highly praise on its script analysis and in directorial POV that is how to keep the audience engaged throughout the film.

Mostly people, amateur film makers think or belief that its easy to make people laugh which in reality its not! Poor comedy films would usually use the help of random abusive remarks, stereo types, unrelated fight scenes, toilet or open sexual humor to make the film look like a good comedy film. In this film however, the sexual humor is carefully controlled by the director and not to present in open or explicit manner.

iv. Shabana Hassan really nails her character. She is a good experienced actress in theatre plays and films. Here the kind of love interest that she was told to perform, she did it with such enthusiasm that it was clearly shown on screen. The chemistry between Kaleem & her is comical and fun to watch.


+ Low Points
i. The art direction and the location (house) that the BTS team used to shoot worked against the main character’s status and personality.

ii. I do not agree with the director’s view on the film’s end, how he finishes it off. I believe it could have been better, brighter as almost the entire film was based on.

iii. The color correction in some scenes did not fit in properly. The transfer of the next scenes could have improved, sharper cuts.

iv. There were several movie mistakes in the film such as in one scene Bhala Bhai is standing next to the room’s door telling Khumar go and talk to Hijr in the lounge and in the very next scene, we see that Bhala Bhai is already sitting in the lounge where Khumar is talking with his friend Hijr.


+ Overall
Where many new film makers have failed to come up with genuine, creative jokes, it is Thanda Garam who has succeeded.


Rate: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

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