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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’ (1998)

A review on Pakistani Classic Action-Drama TV Series, ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’ (1998) aka [ABC]. The Production House & Distributor is PTV (Lahore Center).



+ Crew

  • Written, Directed, Created & Executive Produced by Shoaib Mansoor
  • Co-Created & Produced by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR)



+ Note
Alpha Bravo Charlie was aired on PTV from 18th May 1998 – ? Jul 1998. In total it consists of 14 episodes. Patriotism, thrill, humor, romance, jealousy and sense of achievement all are packed in one TV series. This drama is a sequel to Sunehray Din which was released in 1990. The subtitles are by Zia-ur Rehman.

It shows us the insight of the tough life our armed forces spend. Kashif extreme situation and presence was inspired from two real Army Officers, one of which is Lieutenant Colonel (R) Zafar Abbasi Ghazi. Along with romance & comedy, it also reflects Pakistan Army’s military operational involvement in the Bosnian War and Siachen conflict.

 This drama series became extremely popular quickly in Pakistan. The cast had no previous experience of acting prior this TV series. It is regarded as one of the well-scripted and famous drama series ever produced in Pakistan.



+ Main Cast

  1. Faraz Inam as Capt. Faraz Ahmed / Alpha
  2. Abdullah Mahmood Kirmani as Capt. Kashif Kirmani / Bravo
  3. Qasim Khan as Capt. Gulsher Khan / Charlie
  4. Shahnaaz Khwaja as Shenaz
  5. Badar Munir as N/A
  6. Arshad Kazmi as N/A





+ Supportive Cast

  1. Wiqar Ahmed as N/A
  2. Hashmat Sheikh as N/A
  3. Rafar Moeen as N/A
  4. Malik Ata Muhammad Khan as N/A
  5. Rana Shahbaz Khan as N/A




+ Plot

It revolves around three patriotic young men, friends — Faraz, Kashif & Gulsher as Alpha, Bravo, Charlie wants to start their careers in the Pakistan army. Their relationship is tested as they part ways to separate assignments in Bosnia, Siachen, and Lahore.



+ High Points

i – The concept & its story are brilliantly well put. Actually it’s the only great example do I have to recommend to someone which is based on our nation’s army. Either they show ‘Over the Top’ action scenes, or they made it into ‘Over Dramatic’ during their emotional moments. This is the perfect example, how to present a war action-drama TV series with the combination of patriotism, humor, action and romance, all into one. Usually our Pakistani films based on war nowadays are filled with highly exaggerated action and drama scenes. Example: Any Pakistani war film from last decade till recent times.

ii – The direction is excellent by our respected director, Shoaib Mansoor. His other great works includes: Ankahi, Sunehray Din, Fifty-Fifty, Khuda Ke Liyay, Bol and many more.

iii – The performances by everyone is superb and very interesting to watch.

iv – The writing regarding actors’ characteristics especially of the lead performers is of high esteem. All three lead actors and sole leading lady are given with very different characteristics and situations to deal with. We have Faraz as the rich son, who owns a Mercedes, could win any woman’s heart but finding hard time in winning Shenaz’s heart for marriage proposal.

Then we have main comic relief character, Kashif who goes through lots mischievous, yet good at heart pranks to win his superiors’ hearts on him but always misfires. Only do we see in much later episodes, his true patriotism and maturity in deep dramatic, realistic scenarios.

And lastly, we have Gulsher as a polite, simple-minded, shy person who is helped by his female friend in making him aware of his importance and to gain confidence in him while in dealing with situations and people.

All three guys are deeply affected and changed while having Shenaz, a confident, well educated, extrovert and good mannered young lady, who teaches at a school for special children and plays a vital role in the lives of these friends. Her attributes show how she feels the great responsibility in helping out others to make a great impact in the other person’s lives. As we are shown ABC aka Alpha Bravo Charlie fighting for their beloved country while Shenaz is fighting to help Faraz, Gulsher, Kashif and special children.

Her involvement with them in the shape of a friend, loving wife, adds reality to the series that is moving on a personal level. In much later in the story do we see that how their lives are completely changed once they realize that they experience harsh reality in all its rejection, jealousy, loneliness, fate and death. So in a way, not only these ‘Three’ but all ‘Four’ main characters are not only fighting for their country but also for their inner personal goals and demons to cope up with their personal lives.

v – We have Shenaz as a strong personality female lead character instead of a damsel in distress which unfortunately our most of current TV dramas have.

vi – The humor is very funny, at times memorable, genius level comic scenes.

vii – We witness to a decent love triangle where no misunderstandings ever come between their true friendship even after Shenaz’s marriage to one of the lead characters.

viii – The simplicity played as one of the important part, in bringing the viewers’ attention to the progression of the story and being emotionally bond with their characters.

ix – The real war conflicts were touched in this drama series that is, Siachen Conflict and Bosnia War to add more realism and credible situations, to show the great lengths our soldiers go through in defending our homeland.

x – The visual effects are really amazing during the action sequences and how they presented the future state of Kashif. Back in the year 1998, it was awe struck to visualize, accept it as real. And even today, it was shot in most convincing manner possible.



+ Low Points




+ Overall
Alpha Bravo Charlie is the most cherished, one of the best works (of Shoaib Mansoor) to date for our TV industry in terms of being a ground-breaking reality of its content and in-depth written interesting characters. It features one of best directed, well performed with a touching war-drama story.




Rate: 5 out of 5 stars


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