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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Spy Games’ (2017)

A review on Pakistani Comic Thriller theatre play, ‘Spy Games’ (2017), The Production House is Black Box Productions.



+ Crew

  • Directed by Ubaid Iqbal
  • Written (Adapted) by Babar Jamal


+ Note
Originally it is written by Bettine Manktelow (author of Curtain Up on Murder and Murder Weekend).



+ Full Cast:

  1. Nazar – ul – Hassan as Asim
  2. Kashif Hussain as Humayun
  3. Sehrish Qadeer as Tania
  4. Syed Maha Ali as Mehreen
  5. Saman Khan as Mahrukh
  6. Zain Nazar as CEO
  7. Aisha Iqbal as Rosy



+ Plot
Prospective contestants for a TV reality show gather in a Country House aiming to win a large cash prize, but only if they survive the rigors of the ultimate Spy games.



+ High Points
i – Nazar – ul – Hassan’s performance as Asim was hilarious. He is an excellent veteran actor whose performance most often is noticeable.
ii – Aisha Iqbal played the supporting role as Rosy was superb. She played out her role to its perfection. Other Honorable Mentions: Sehrish Qadeer and Zain Nazar.
iii – The playwright was adapted marvelously by Babar Jamal.
iv – The production design was well established.
v – The message of the play conveyed to audience and achieved its goal.
vi – The lighting was handled very efficiently.



+ Low Points
i – The play fell short of its fun moments and jokes.
ii – Although there were few big names in the star power nevertheless the performances were good, if not great.
iii – I did not liked its ending, although it suited the message wanted to deliver. Either an extended or an alternative ending would be more suitable.



+ Overall
Spy Games has not met its ‘Star Cast’ expectations, but it is still entertaining and fun.



Rate: 3.0 out of 5 stars


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