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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Bandhan’ (2018)

A review on Pakistani Rom-Drama theatre play, ‘Bandhan’ (2018). It’s Costume Designed by Maharukh Ali while it’s Co-Production Designed by Ayesha Iqbal.



+ Crew

  • Production Designed & Directed by Hassan Raza
  • Music by Nigel Bobby
  • Lights & Back Stage by Masood ul Rehman
  • Makeup & Hairstyling by Sikandar Rao
  • Produced by NRT


+ Note
Bandhan is loosely based on Lorca’s Blood Wedding. It is not an adaptation but inspired by the play Blood Wedding (1932), written by Federico Garcia Lorca. It is a play about love betrayal and revenge. The play reflects the honor killings that we read today. Only Hasan and Aisha have returned to take up new characters to perform in Bandhan. Their previous hit play was Jaloos (2017)

A professional musician team was hired to do the job. Maharukh Ali is also a talented actress but it’s a wonder why she has restricted herself to perform in some plays only.

+ Full Cast:

  1. Hajra Yamin as Hajra / Bride
  2. Asad Gojar as Asad / Ex-Lover
  3. Hasan Khan as Hasan / Groom
  4. Sehrish Qb as Asad’s Wife
  5. Shabana Hasan as Hasan’s Mother
  6. Zain Nazar as Hajra’s Father
  7. Ayesha Iqbal as Ayesha, Cousin of Hajra
  8. Roohi Ahmed as Roohi, Cousin of Hajra
  9. Asma Noor as Asma, Cousin of Hajra
  10. Safia as Safiya, Cousin of Hajra
  11. Samhaan Qazi as Molvi
  12. Faisal Ballu as Ballu
  13. Farhan Rizvi as Baali
  14. Naila Nawab as Asad’s Mother-in-Law



+ Plot

A wedding is set to place soon at a house full of close relatives and guests. Hajra is nervous yet looking forward to her marriage with Hasan who loves her very much. Everyone’s mood is full of joy and happiness but that doesn’t lasts long when Asad re-enters the life of Hajra, his former love.


+ High Points
i – Admirable effort on costume designing, it suited well with the characters.

ii – Hajra Yamin has once again gave a spectacular performance on-stage. She is a very good actress and often plays tragic romantic characters. Other Honorable Mentions: Hasan Khan, Shabana Hassan, and Samhan Qazi.

iii – Effective handling of the lighting gave the audience the understanding, of the different moods and beats to improvise the scenes.

iv – The musicians and songs conducted during the played an amazing role in bringing the play closer to the heart.

v – Great work on makeup & hair styling; the performers looked glamorous on-stage.

vi – The set design was carefully designed and constructed, in order for the performers and the musicians be viewed.

vii – The humor level was amusing but on some occasions.

viii – The characters of Ballu and Molvi were well written.

ix – Hasan’s directorial signature move can be seen in this play as well in compare to his previous play, Jaloos (2017). The set is decorated with bright lights, having many actors on stage dealing with a real life tragic issue.


+ Low Points
i – When the play started, the first thing came into my mind was watching a “Star Plus Saas-Bahu TV drama”.

ii – The play was targeted mainly for female oriented, whether it was intentionally or unintentionally been done but that’s how it looked. To decide whether this is good or not, we let that for the audience though the marketing campaign of the play didn’t give a clear picture of it before hand.

iii – At many places, the play became too much over dramatic, filled with loud shouts and cries. Yes, yes, I do understand that it is loosely based on a foreign tragic play and it was supposed to be sad but not this much.

iv – There were several times when the dialogue response were not properly completed before the other person starts to speak of their own.

v – Instead of looking at the play’s end to be emotional but I would rather consider as really disappointing. It’s not because of WHAT happens but HOW it is represented.

vi – Shabana’s sarcasm smile in the end looked as though we are watching a black comedy play.

vii – It’s high time now that Roohi and Asma should now be appearing in much bigger roles, even if they are supporting.



+ Overall
Bandhan has able to save its face value mainly because of technical and secondary reasons otherwise the main sequences were over dramatic and focusing it too much female oriented has ruined its chance to stand among the decent hit plays.

Rate: 2.75 out of 5 stars


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