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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Chal Nikal’ (2016)

A review on a Pakistani Short film, ‘Chal Nikal’ (2016). Its Production is by SZABIST as this is a thesis film.


+ Crew

  • Edited, Written & Directed by Shahzeb Hussain
  • Cinematography by Nabil Hasan and Rafay Israr


+ Note

Chal Nikal is a comedy drama based on a loner adult guy and his (accidental) friendship with the street kid in order to find his (loner) beloved wrist watch. The story is simple and down to earth. This film reminded me of silent film ‘The Kid’ (1921) of legendary Charlie Chaplin.

Asad Ullah Chattha is a BS Media student of Iqra University. He also happens to be the CEO of ‘One Penny Production’. Hakim Khan is a non-professional actor. Due to his long-time passion in acting and close friendship with the director, ended up to play one of the main roles. The director, Shahzeb Hussain himself plays a strong supporting role as the Pawn dealer in the film while is a BMS graduate.


+ Main Cast

  • Asad Ullah Chattha as Ali
  • Hakim Khan as Sheroo
  • Shahzeb Hussain as Pawn Dealer



+ Plot

One day, Ali gets bummed into Sheroo (petty thief) who steals his antique broken watch from him. After selling the watch to a pawn dealer, Ali is forced to make a deal with him to help him to get his watch back in return of a reward.


+ High Points

i. I was mildly entertained by the film.

ii. The cinematography is wonderful. The interior lighting of the bus especially is very smartly controlled.

iii. The performances by Asad & Hakim were soundly played off.

iv. Although having no prior experience as an actor, Hakim performed very professionally.

v. The script, dialogues are funny at a lighter note.

vi. The character as ‘Tiny Voice Man’, played by Omer Owais Akram was uproarious.

vii. Shahzeb’s acting seemed convivial and lively. His role was delightful to watch.

viii. Surprising cameo appearance by Arman Tejani, another good actor. His character was interesting to watch.

+ Low Points

i. The subtitles were missing in the film.

ii. There was no need of mentioning ‘Chapters’ in the film.

iii. The film seemed a bit dry in some parts. Since the story was simple, the viewers did not have much expectation from it.

iv. There was lack of good supportive characters other than of Shahzeb’s.

v. A very predictable ending.


+ Overall

In the absence of a few more innovative jokes, unpredictability and more than one strong supportive role, Chal Nikal could have been much more interesting to watch.

Rate: 3.0 out of 5 stars


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