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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Blame It or Claim It!’ (2016)

A review on a Pakistani short documentary, ‘Blame It or Claim It!’ (2016). The Production of SZABIST was used as it is a student thesis film in the shape of short documentary.


+ Crew

  1. Edited & Directed by Fatima Yousuf Shaikh
  2. Director of Photography & Co-Edited by Rahim Aziz Sajwani
  3. Produced by Small Crew Films


+ Note

Blame It or Claim It! tells their side of the story (Doctors) and discuss the difficult position that they are stuck with in between the victim’s heir and police. Then there’s small talk regarding laws on the subject matter with legal advisor. As the documentary moves forward, we see what happens if a doctor does treat a patient in such state. There is also police side of the story who has to deal with these incidents.

We get to introduce to two families, who are interviewed for losing their loved ones under such extreme circumstances. They stories are tragic and heart breaking to watch.

This short documentary engages the audience with such past cases and present situation at the civil hospitals in comparison with the private ones.


+ Full Cast (Actual people interviewed with)

  1. Aaly Hassan as Chief Medical Officer
  2. Summaiya as Police Sergeant MLO
  3. Nighat as In-charge Civil ER
  4. Numerous Staff of Civil Hospital Management
  5. ZK Arif as Legal Advisor, Advocate High Court
  6. Nisar Ali Shah as Medico Legal Officer Civil
  7. Irshad Karim as Police In-charge Investigation


+ Plot

It is based on the negligence by the doctors at the time of emergency protocols for those cases mainly car accidents, homicide, unnatural mishaps etc. It shows to what a haunting experience it is for those who have been the victims themselves, victim’s immediate family and those who have no reference, support of doctor or police or lawyer in such dire need.

+ High Points

i – It is the intense bond between the documentary content and the audience.

ii – The documentary has highlighted a POWERFUL subject which is still a HORRIFYING exposure who ever goes through it.

iii – The interviews taken by the two unfortunate families were heart breaking, petrifying accounts to listen to.

iv – The camera work was taken care of (almost) perfectly well.

v – Having advocate, legal advisor, MLO, Civil In-charge, several doctors, In-charge Investigation… their contributions to this documentary would be proved as most helpful to audience and to perhaps our govt who someday make a strict law and followed it or face a legal case be taken (with quick result) against those who prevent the medical treatment to such victims.

vi – I am glad how this project has turned out to be. One can see that the effort you and your team have poured in and have done a fantastic work here.

+ Low Points

i – There is no inclusion of English & Urdu subtitles for both the different versions. Some parts of the documentary are in Urdu language while mostly spoken English. Yet subtitles are basic requirement.

ii – The man who sat with Abreera’s parents, mention his name & relationship too. Let the viewers know, who the person is during his time sharing his views. Once a certain person’s name (with position) is mentioned, no need to do it the second time.

iii – Graphic slides, where the name of the location, date, time & day is mentioned; improvise it with better fonts that give a professional look when it is used for screening purpose.

iv – Include real life sounds of recorded car accidents, car brakes, ambulance siren in the documentary during the medical documents or graphic slides are shown on screen.

v – Lastly the credits of the crew behind its making, is either to be mentioned in the start of documentary or in the end. Here, most of the credits are shown in both places.


+ Overall

Truly hope that through Blame It or Claim It! we do make a difference and bring betterment to our nation. Good Job!


Rate: 4.25 out of 5 stars


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