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Mr. Khan’s Review on Meri Shehzadi – Episode VIII (2022)

A review on Pakistani drama TV series, Meri Shehzadi Episode 8 (2022). The new TV series is directed by Qasim Ali Mureed and written by Zanjbeel Asim Shah. Meri Shehzadi is a story of a girl with a tragic past but is destined to become Royalty. Can she handle the responsibilities that come with it? Meri Shehzadi is an MD Productions and HUM TV Production.

+ Crew

  • Directed by Qasim Ali Mureed
  • Written by Zanjbeel Asim Shah
  • Produced by Momina Duraid 
  • Production by MD Productions

+ Note

The story of Meri Shehzadi is inspired by the real life story of the late Princess Diana from the United Kingdom. The show explores the expectations that corrupts the innocent and discourages empathy towards the common man.

 + Main Cast

  1. Urwa Hocane as Dania
  2. Ali Rehman as Shehroz
  3. Sabeen Farooq as Bisma
  4. Muazzam Ali Khan
  5. Sonia Mishal
  6. Najiba Faiz
  7. Atiqa Odho
  8. Shabbir Jan
  9. Nauman Maqsood
  10. Qavi Khan as Dania’s Nana
  11. Shamim Hilaly as Dania’s Nani

+ Plot

Raised by her loving Grandparents, Dania is born in a royal family who is destined for greatness in life. After meeting her future husband and entering the political monarchy of Pakistan, Dania must face the trials and tribulations that come along with the life of royalty.

+ High Points

i – Although Episode 8 was limited in its diversity regarding storytelling, it was still an entertaining hour of television. A new bombshell has presented itself into the lives of the Sheroz political family as Cam finally decided to reveal her secret marriage with Sheroz to the public. The rest of the episode then deals with the consequences of this act and it’s perfectly understandable why the episode did not want to introduce a separate subplot in the middle of the episode. The focus and attention was rightfully on this new development. It was a big moment for the show and I am glad that the creative team let it breathe a bit or let the characters of the show sink into the moment with the audience.

ii – It is intriguing to see how the “mother” of the Sheroz family is the actual puppet master behind the scenes. Sheroz might be the face in front of the press but it is actually his mother that dictates the terms behind the facade. This characterization brings a lot of depth not just to the plot but one of the main protagonists of the show; Sheroz himself. Such scenes shed a glimpse of light into Sheroz’s upbringing, his character and the curse that he has to live with. He is unwillingly trapped in this political game of power and dominance. Sheroz has no choice but to comply and with that, mistreat innocent bystanders like Dania and Cam.

+ Low Points

i – Even when I praise the potential behind Meri Shehzadi’s storytelling, the lack of better writing is still very noticeable. Poor dialogues spoken by ridiculously paper thin characters who feel more caricaturesque with each passing episode. Bad, evil characters speak ill of everyone around them while good ones are angels without visible wings. The show needs better writing to accommodate an arguably interesting storyline but unfortunately, the writing is a major letdown.

ii – So eight episodes in and already two characters have passed away. Was that really necessary? Such actions in script are usually taken in order to get an emotional reaction from its audience but here it’s not the case because we just didn’t get to really know them. I can understand Sheroz’s father passing away in terms of storytelling but the passing away of the grandmother has made no difference to the plot whatsoever. 

+ Overall

Meri Shehzadi needs better writing to accommodate an arguably interesting storyline.

Rate: out of 5 stars 

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