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Mr. Khan’s Review on Sang-e-Mah – Episode XVII (2022)

A review on Pakistani drama TV series, Sang-e-Mah Episode 17 (2022). The new TV series is directed by Saife Hassan and written by Mustafa Afridi. Sang-e-Mah is the spiritual continuation of the saga introduced in the Hum TV drama Sang-e-Mar Mar (2016). Sang-e-Mah is the acting debut of the famous Pakistani pop star Atif Aslam and the drama is a Momina Duraid Production.

+ Crew

  • Directed by Saife Hassan
  • Written by Mustafa Afridi
  • Produced by Momina Duraid Productions

+ Note

The drama Sang-e-Mah serves as a spiritual sequel to the show Sang-e-Mar Mar (2016) with Noman Ejaz, Sania Saeed and many others returning to the same cast and crew. The drama deals with life in the Pakhtoon region of Pakistan and explores such hard hitting topics like forced marriages and integral family relationships. According to the director, Sang-e-Mah serves under similar themes as its predecessor, in a three part trilogy, ending it with the next planned show, Sang-e-Siyah.

 + Main Cast

  1. Atif Aslam as Hilmand Khan
  2. Nauman Ijaz as Haji Marjaan Khan
  3. Kubra Khan as Sheherzaad
  4. Hania Amir as Gul Meena
  5. Zaviyar Nauman Ijaz as Hikmat Khan
  6. Sania Saeed as Zarghuna
  7. Samiya Mumtaz as Zarsanga
  8. Omair Rana as Mastaan Singh
  9. Najiba Faiz as Harshaali Kaur
  10. Hassan Noman as Badam Gul

+ Plot

Sang-e-Mah is a story of a dysfunctional Pakhtoon family in the tribal regions of Pakistan where pride and honour mostly triumphs over empathy and forgiveness. The show deals with issues such as young love and opposing families who are engaged in a tribal battle with one another.

+ High Points

i – No real highlights this week. Just unoriginal family melodrama that does not require much thought. If some mindless television is what you are searching for then Episode 17 was completely serviceable.

+ Low Points

i – Episode 17 was arguably one of the worst episodes that Sang-e-Mah has ever produced. Apparently the show is still pushing on with the tragic Sherherzad backstory and it was bad writing at its finest. The dialogues were generic, the acting was subpar and lacked any sort of conviction. I have been very local about the Sherherzad subplot being forcefully integrated into the narrative when there were already enough stories to be unfolded from the main plot. Why is Sherherzad being given the spotlight in the MIDDLE of the Khan family/ murder drama? Why is Marjaan Khan so eager to get revenge on her behalf? How does he even have the time to personally track down the doctor and not just send one of his minions to do the job for him? Not only is it unoriginal in its take on child abuse but due to bad writing, this subplot is terribly forced into the show. And judging from the end of the episode, I think we are far from done with this subplot… 

ii – The actress who played Dr. Haider’s wife… It has been a while since I have seen such stiff acting on a Momina Duraid production but by God, she somehow accomplished it. Given such a pivotal role in the Sherherzad subplot, she ends up demolishing whatever credibility this story might have had with her performance.  

iii – What is even worse is that even if you exclude all the Sherherzad subplot storyline, this episode has no real redeeming qualities at all. Each and every scene involving Hilmand was repetitive from the previous few episodes. And it is still confusing to me that even though Hikmat is the prime suspect in the case of attempted murder of Hilmand, there apparently is no uproar from the village for an investigation or anything of the sort. Seems as if it was just a slap on the face. Ridiculous. At the moment, I have no idea where this show is heading but most probably not somewhere intriguing.

+ Overall

Episode 17 was a bore to sit through. Not worth your time.

Rate: out of 5 stars 

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