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Mr. Khan’s Review on Laapata – Episode XIII & XIV (2021)

A review on Pakistani drama TV series, Laapata Episode 13 & 14 (2021). The new TV series is written and directed by Khizer Idrees. Laapata is a Momina Duraid Production and currently airs on HUM TV.

(Note: If you’ve already read the review of the previous episode, you can skip directly ahead to the High points section).

+ Crew

  • Directed by Khizer Idrees
  • Written by Khizer Idrees
  • Produced by Momina Duraid Productions

+ Note

Laapata is a comedy/ drama which focuses on young love who aspire to fulfill all their wishes in Life. The drama also highlights modern obsessions with social media such as Tik Tok and its impact on the Pakistani youth of today. 

The writer/ director of the show, Khizer Idrees is most well renowned in the TV industry for his work as a Cinematographer for films such as Manto (2015) and Verna (2017). 

 + Main Cast

  1. Ali Rehman Khan as Shams
  2. Ayeza Khan as Geeti
  3. Gohar Rasheed as Daniyal
  4. Sarah Khan as Falak

+ Plot

Shams (Ali Rehman Khan) loves Falak (Sarah Khan) and they predict something big for their future. On the other hand, Geeti (Ayeza Khan), the big Tik Tok star, is always looking for a new toy to play with. After being faced to decide upon her secure future, Geeti might have her eyes now set on someone… and that someone could perhaps be Shams? 

+ High Points

i – In Episodes 13 and 14, we finally get to see the backstory of Daniyal and his tale of misfortunes. Although it’s not entirely convincing or informative, it does fill in some of the plot holes that were present prior to it.

ii – This was a great shot. Without uttering a single word, it visually displayed the stature of Daniyal and his maid with the high angle/ low angle shot. It also strongly highlights not only how Daniyal views those literally beneath him but who has the “situational” high ground when it comes to the maid being his accomplice and the power he holds over her. I wish such visual storytelling would be incorporated more in Pakistani Television.

iii – Episodes 13 and 14 had the least amount of screentime for Geeti and her nonsense shenanigans. Greatly appreciated!

iv – The actress Momina Iqbal who portrayed Daniyal’s first wife Alia, was the most genuine and convincing in her performance. Even though it was short lived (no pun intended), her performance elevated Alia’s pivotal role in the story of Laapata.

+ Low Points

i –  Unfortunately this is where my praises for episodes 13 and 14 end as the show has taken a total 180 from where it all started. The first few episodes gave the impression that Laapata will be a light hearted romantic comedy with some elements of drama. But this week, the show has taken yet another swift turn towards suspense with the continuing backstory of Daniyal, his mental illness and the repercussions of his past actions. How is any of this related to the main plot of Laapata? Or even the name of the show? Isn’t Shams the main protagonist of the show? Why has he been sidelined to a “B” story of the evils of trade unions? This has been my consistent complaint towards Laapata; it has a genuine identity crisis of what it wants to be and which sections of the audiences it wants to please.

ii – Apart from Momina Iqbal, every other actor in the flashback scenes were completely cheesy and over the top with their performances. It is sad to admit that Gohar Rasheed does not possess the acting chops required to portray a split personality disorder. As mentioned in my last review, portraying mental illness on screen is difficult because as an actor, you need to act out of the norms of human behavior without coming off as comical in your performance. Unfortunately, Gohar Rasheed comes off more goofy than anything else. Even the actor who plays Aliya’s brother gave the worst performance in the show.

iii  – I don’t understand why Laapata is so keen on demonizing trade unions as lazy and ungrateful workers. This side plot has nothing really do with the main plot of the show so why portray trade unions in a negative light who have single-handedly have protected workers and their basic human rights?

+ Overall

Laapata has its redeeming factors but the show is undoubtedly directionless in its approach to maintain an identity.

Rate: out of 5 stars

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