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Mr. Khan’s Review on Ankahi (1982)

A review on Pakistani Classic Comedy Drama TV serial, Ankahi aka Untold (1982). It’s Production House and its Distributor is PTV Network (Lahore Studio).

+ Crew

  • Directed by Shoaib Mansoor & Mohsin Ali
  • Written by Hasina Moin
  • Music by Arshad Mehmood

+ Note

Ankahi aired on PTV Network was released on March – May 1982. In total, it consists of 14 episodes. The story revolves around a young girl, Sana Murad who has strong ambitions to become big. With a mere luck, she is hired at an office as a secretary to a business man, Taimoor Ahmad. The relationship between the two is shown while Faraz, her best friend’s fiancée’s friend falls in love with Sana. This is Shehnaz Sheikh’s 2nd TV series to appear in.

Ankahi was one of the most popular drama serial in the early 1980s in Pakistan. Most of the cast then went on to work in a similar Pakistani TV drama serial, Tanhaiyaan (1986). This TV series is remembered for its witty dialogue and the candid role of Sana, played by Shehnaz Sheikh.

The theatre adaption of this classic TV series, Ankahi is shortened the 14-episode drama to 90 minutes. Model-actress, Amna Ilyas will play Sana Murad, originally played by Shehnaz Sheikh. This will be Amna’s theatre debut. The director, Dawar Mehmood of Kopykats Production, veteran actor, Sajid Hasan and theatre actor, Saqib Sameer are producing the musical adaptation. It is all set to hit the stage on 20th Oct 2020.

+ Main Cast

  1. Shehnaz Sheikh as Sana Murad
  2. Shakeel as Taimoor Ahmad
  3. Javed Sheikh as Faraz Afreedi


+ Supporting Cast

  1. Saleem Nasir as Shehryar / Mamoo
  2. Jamshed Ansari as Tameez-u-ddin / Timmy
  3. Faisal Bilal as Jibran Murad
  4. Badar Khalil as Zakia Begum
  5. Behroze Sabzwari as Moby
  6. Qazi Wajid as Siddiqui Sahib
  7. Tabassum Farooqi as Marium
  8. Rehana Saigol as Dr. Fouzia
  9. Azra Mansoor as Apaa Bii
  10. N/A as Timmy’s Mother
  11. Misbah Ishaaq / Khalid as Saara
  12. Arshad Mehmood as Sajjad
  13. Siraj-Farooq Nizami as ‘Thoii’ Guy


+ Minor Cast

  1. N/A as Abeer / Mrs. Taimoor
  2. N/A as Office Attendant
  3. N/A as Police Inspector
  4. N/A as Drugs Smuggler
  5. N/A as Peon
  6. N/A as Mr. Javed (Cameo)
  7. N/A as Insurance Guy (Cameo)
  8. N/A as Marium’s Father
  9. N/A as Marium’s Step-Mother
  10. N/A as Marium’s Fiancée
  11. N/A as Marium’s Father-in-Law

+ Plot

In the early death of her father, Sana Murad starts working as secretary at Taimoor Ahmad’s office. There, the two’s relationship of Secretary and Boss is shown. Faraz Afreedi, who later becomes her office colleague, falls in love with her.

+ High Points

i – This is a very well written story and script by one of the most well-famed TV writers, Hasina Moin. We all know and familiar of her other great works such as Tanhaiyaan (1986), Kiran Kahani (1973), Dhoop Kinaray (1987) and Parchaiyan (1976). She has won one of the most prestigious awards including the Pride of Performance Award in 1987.

ii – The level of humor is not only very amusing but also very unique and brilliant thinking of the early 1980s. Several TV series including Bollywood film, Chal Mere Bhai (2000) tried to capture same level of humor through the lead heroine as did Shehnaz Sheikh did as Sana Murad in this classic TV series, Ankahi.  

iii – A great round of applause to Shoaib Mansoor and Mohsin Ali who did a great work behind its direction. The dynamic duo bought a greatly written TV series to life, as one of the best TV dramas of our time.

Best scenes that I consider are:

  • When Timmy gets to know that he has just been sold out by Mamoo, his quick earning neighbor and best friend. This makes Timmy furious and then he starts to blunt out and show his neighbors’ true faces to Zakia Begum.
  • The over excited Moby visits the beach, to cool himself in the sea shore. But to his ‘Bad’ luck, he is attacked by a Red Indian.

iv – Top starswere chosen in this TV series, to be part of the cast. Celebrities such as Salim Nasir, Jamshed Ansari, Shakeel, Behroze Sabzwari, Badar Khalil, Qazi Wajid are the best listed stars still considered today.

v – Shehnaz Sheikh as Sana Murad, plays as one of the main leading roles of this TV series. In the starting of the episodes, she is shown as a strong-headed, ambitious and clumsy type of young woman with no prior work experience.

With passage of time, she greatly improves and builds a solid relationship with her strict, aged boss. Shehnaz has given an excellent performance in this iconic role and is often recognized as Sana Murad instead. She is one of those rare stars who a very short-time TV career and has appeared in as one of the main characters in two classic TV series.  

vi – Salim Nasir plays as Shehryar / Mamoo, plays as an uncle to Sana Murad and is unemployed. He tries to find clever ways to earn quick money, even if he has to ‘Sell’ his long-time friend to his relative or give ill-fated advices, random predictions in exchange for some cash. Still, with all that attributes, Shehryar is shown as a very loving, caring character to his loved ones and friends.

This is one of the two classic TV series Salim Nasir will always be remembered by. His unfortunate, untimely death shook his fans, celebrities and the rest of the world. Salim Nasir is one of the precious gems of our TV industry, who is still greatly missed to this very day.  

vii – Late Jamshed Ansari plays as Tameez-u-ddin / Timmy, a dear neighbor and friend to Mamoo. He plays a significant role as a ‘Butler’ to Badar Khalil’s character, Zakia Begum. Jamshed was a fine artist, who often played drama theme characters. Here too, the viewers witness him sacrificing his love for the greater good. Other Honorable Mentions: Behroze Sabzwari.

viii – Faisal Bilal’s character, Jibran is written as one of the strongest supporting character. At his young age, the viewers can see how well this non-professional actor played his part. And to everyone’s surprise, Ankahi is first and only TV drama that he starred in.  

ix – The performances of the entire cast is very enjoyable. Everyone did a great job in playing their respected roles. 

x – Having total 14 episodes, it winds up the story properly.

+ Low Points

i – Once Dr. Fouzia is introduced, the excitement to watch this TV series starts to decline. Her character was shown in the later episodes, to show a love building relationship with Shehryar / Mamoo character. I can’t say that I enjoyed watching her scenes.  

ii – The ‘Romantic’ relationship between the secretary and her boss is indirectly implicated. However, there is more than that. Due to the viewer censorship in Pakistan, the affair between the two is vastly downplayed. One might say that this is very cleverly shown. However, I disagree.   

iii – The first 8 episodes are wonderful, full of comedy. You will find memorable comic scenes in them. But after that, slowly and gradually, Ankahi starts to become serious. It will no longer have similar kind of laughs as it did in the starting of the episodes.

iv – Siraj-Farooq Nizami plays the character of Thoii Guy, who is a great miser and stubborn in leaving the rented place. His character doesn’t help with the story progress. His presence is only available to be one of the comic relief character. The value to his character linked with the story is useless and unworthy.

v – Barely do we see anyone except for Sana Murad and Faraz Afreedi at the office, as co-workers.

+ Overall
Though, the later episodes, takes a dark turn towards seriousness, Ankahi still manages to gives us a few good laughs before coming to a decent end.

Rate: 3.75 out of 5 stars

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