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Mr. Khan’s Review on Waris (1979 – 80)

A review on Pakistani Classic Drama TV serial, Waris aka Heir (1979 – 80). It’s Production House and its Distributor is PTV Network (Lahore Studio).





+ Crew

  • Directed by Nusrat Thakur and Ghazanfer Ali
  • Written by Amjad Islam Amjad






+ Note

Waris aired on PTV Network was released on 29th Dec 1979 – 22nd Mar 1980. In total, it consists of 13 episodes. The story revolves around a feudal family, their struggles to maintain their land and wealth, and the inter-family differences and tussles that lead to their downfall. It portrays two ideal synthesizers, who were vital for the time it was produced. Since finding a suitable & blood-related heir is the main priority for the feudal lord, Waris completely rejects the feudal lord tradition A number of cameo roles are played by many actors including four main artists from another Pakistani classic drama TV series, Sona Chandi (1982-3).

These issues revolve around mainly, the corrupt feudal system and influential persons, who are eating the public’s basic needs and rights like a parasite.  In rural Punjabi culture, it is a huge insult for a man, if his fiance marries someone else. To avenge this grave insult, the revenge is set to be taken.

Waris is considered being one of the most realistic depictions of Pakistan. This TV series was aired on PTV at a time when people from rural areas were moving into the cities. More importantly, it was a time when the world view of Pakistan is was going through a paradigmatic change; from a traditional to a modern. When produced, it instantly became an acclaimed mega hit.

Stars such as Mehmood Alam and Shujaat Hashmi, is the first work that I have watched.





+ Main Cast

  1. Abid Ali as Dilawar
  2. Shujaat Hashmi as Mauladad
  3. Mehboob Alam as Chaudhry Hashmat Khan
  4. Aurangzeb Laghari as Chaudhry Niaz Ali
  5. Firdous Jamal as Chaudhry Anwar Ali
  6. Munawwar Saeed as Chaudhry Yaqub
  7. Uzma Gillani as Zakiya Ghulam Ali








+ Supporting Cast

  1. Samina Ahmad as Zohra
  2. Agha Sikander as Farrukh
  3. Tahira Naqvi as Seemi / Yasmin
  4. Sajjad Kishwar as Sher Mohd
  5. Ghayyoor Akhtar as Hayat Mohammad Qazi
  6. Ghazanfer Baig as Saulat Mirza
  7. Mohammad Ayub as Masterji
  8. Malik Anokha as Mehnga








+ Minor Cast (Cameo)

  1. Nazir Hussain as Chaukidaar
  2. A. Khan as Saeed Gul
  3. Mumtaz Ali as Bakhshoo
  4. Jamal Shah as Chaudhry Ghulam Ali*
  5. Jameel Fakhiri as Inspection Officer*
  6. Ayub Khan as Kisaan*
  7. Jeevan Sultan as Maalik*
  8. Hamid Rana as Police Inspector




*The roles are not confirmed. Though, these actors did appear.






+ Plot

A feudal lord, Chaudhry Hashmat rules his fiefdom with an iron grip. His elder son,  wishes to escape to the city, while the younger son is engaged in numerous illegal activities.

In such times, Dilawar is out for vengeance against Fateh Sher, who is responsible for his brother’s murder.







+ High Points

i – A big round of applause to this well written story. Some serious issues of the urban and rural areas were highlighted. Following are:


  1. Dam Building
  2. Land Disputes
  3. Feudal System
  4. Farmers’ Rights
  5. Family Enmity
  6. Bribery & Corruption
  7. Migrating To City
  8. Unfulfilled Dreams
  9. Family Business
  10. Finding Successor
  11. Animal Abuse
  12. Extortion
  13. Kidnapping & Abduction
  14. Forced Imprisonment
  15. Betrayal


A number of different themes are shown of different individuals, which are discussed in the shape of their behavior and manner. It is shown, how they affect the people who they know or work with. These men true value is displayed to the society. Then we have these people, who were committed to the age old tradition, are ruined by their own machinations. The feudal system is shown in the true light as oppressive.

However, there are occasions where the traditional men are also glorified. Still, there are doubts over migrating to the lavish city life is comes into notice.

In this TV series, good men are also bought forward, whose characteristics belong to the category of being either creative who share their views on the traditional values or those who are courage, ready to take the necessary action, where it is required.

Other attributes, such as honesty, being independent and thinking out of the box is indirectly hinted to a good upbringing and better educational system.

ii – ‘A’ graded star cast was hired to execute this well-written drama TV series. At least, 6 – 7 stars were well known at the time, when Waris was produced.

iii – It is a tie between the two stars, Firdous Jamal as Chaudhry Anwar Ali and Shujaat Hashmi as Mauladad. These two actors gave their hearts out to play these two dynamic roles. This is my first TV series where I have watched Firdous Jamal to play a negative role. His character’s lust for power and be engaged in illegal activities, has bought the actor to the edge of his acting craft. As for Shujaat Hashmi, he has certainly impressed the viewers with his good performance, major thanks to his well-written character.

iv – Mehboob Alam plays as Chaudhry Hashmat Khan, plays the corrupt, egoistic and hot tempered feudal lord. His desire to have the most prized animal as ‘Crystal’ for high breed by any means necessary, his love for Dog Fighting / sport, shows another side to his dark character. His son and two grandsons are tangled up in greed and lust for power. Well, except for Chaudhry Niaz. In the last few episodes, even in Chaudhry Hashmat’s humiliation, he still refuses to accept his defeat.

v – The supporting characters, such as Chaudhry Niaz Ali, Chaudhry Yaqub and Mauladad are the strongly written. Chaudhry Niaz Ali has dreams to leave his home town for the city, but is tangled up with his family business. Chaudhry Yaqub is greedy, wants to sell every land that his father owns. Finally, we have Mauladad, who is brother-in-arms, equal in power and quick-thinking true friend to Dilawar. These three characters have made sure that the viewers’ attention is properly paid to the story.

vi – Concealing the identity of Fateh Sher, which was revealed in the last two episodes, is a good move by the writer.

vii – I can’t say that the finale is perfect. But still, it is a good ending. Waris bring this classic TV series to a satisfying last episode.

viii – (The late) Abid Ali as Dilawar, has performed in one of the lead roles of Waris. Just like expectations, he has performed quite nicely on-screen. Late Abid sb is a favorite to many people. His understanding to the character that he is performing can be seen in his body movement and voice. Other Honorable Mentions: Rest of the cast.

ix – The performances by every cast member has done a superb job. Nowhere would you feel that someone’s performance is lacking behind or has under-performed.

x – Having total 13 episodes, winds up the story properly, without making it a drag.






+ Low Points

i – Nothing new or innovative in the camera handling or editing. It does the basic requirement, to produce this TV series.






+ Overall
Waris has intelligently touched on numerous issues where this nations is facing for many generations.






Rate: 4.0 out of 5 stars


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