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Mr. Khan’s Review on Shert (2015)

A review on Pakistani Rom-Drama TV series, Shert aka Bet (2015). Its Production House is Momal Productions while its Distribution is done by Urdu One.




+ Crew

  • Directed by Shaqielle Khan
  • Written by Irfan Mughal
  • Opening Theme & Music by Sabir Zafar and Waqar Ali
  • Edited by Jameel Aiwan, Waqar Ali Zaidi and Saad Bin Jawaid
  • Produced by Momina Duraid, Humayun Saeed and Shehzad Naseeb





+ Note

Shert aired on Urdu One from 04th Apr 2015 to 24th Jul 2015. In total, it consists of 17 episodes. Shaqielle has directed a number of TV series including, Choti Si Zindagi (2016), Perchaiyan (2019). An Islamic practice ‘Halala’ is highlighted in this TV series, where a woman has to marry another man and then divorce to marry her ex-husband.

The former Pakistani supermodel, Nadia Hussain plays the role as Sofia. In this TV series, her younger brother, Adnan and his wife, Hira, also are the part of supporting cast. The music is a label of Momina Duraid Productions. The opening song is sung by Aleyha Waqar. The shooting locations are mostly done in Karachi and Murree; Pakistan.

 Shert also aired in India on Zindagi TV as ‘Na Gumaan Kar Kisi Aur Ka’.




Warning: There may be SPOILERS ahead!





+ Main Cast

  1. Danish Taimoor as Imaad
  2. Ayesha Khan as Momal
  3. Syed Jibran as Sameer
  4. Nida Khan as Afroz
  5. Nadia Hussain as Sofia






+ Supportive Cast

  1. Mustafa Qazmi as Sami
  2. Adnan Hussain Ahmed as Sherry
  3. Hira Hussain as Sherry’s Wife
  4. N/A as Imaad’s Doctor
  5. N/A as Imaad’s Lawyer
  6. N/A as Sameer’s Friend
  7. N/A as Sameer’s Lawyer





+ Plot

Momal, Imaad, Afroz and Sameer are four university friends who share a very friendly bond. After the failed marriage, however, Momal leaves Sameer for his infidelity and stays with Imaad and Afroz. There, a secret bet is placed between Momal and Afroz that all men are alike. Momal will win her bet if she is able to win Imaad for herself.





+ High Points

i – Overall performance by everyone is mild. Though, Danish Taimoor as Imaad has performed slightly better than the rest of the cast. Imaad is one of the lead characters, who is a protagonist and is lucky enough to propose his love to his long time friend, while still being married. Danish’s performance is highlighted mainly in the episode where the main twist comes into place. His natural reaction over the bitter news shows how well Danish is in his acting craft.

This is first TV series I have watched of this actor. After watching his performance, I would like to watch more of his work. Other Honorable Mentions: Aisha Khan.

ii – A quick thinking character as Sami played by Mustafa Qazmi, showed as in the main supporting role. This character helps in resolving the matter regarding the two couples’ relationship and on vital decisions need to be taken for other matters.

The credit goes to the writer, for coming up with such an important character for the TV series.

iii – The makeup & hair styling has done a satisfactory job. The lead stars, especially Danish and Aisha look glamorous on-screen.






+ Low Points

i – I can’t really say that the worst point of this TV series is its finale. The reason is that Shert’s writing is no good. Throughout the TV series, it hardly made its mark or impressed the viewers. Almost the entire TV series is weakly produced. As for the last episode, who comes up with such idiotically writing? The ending is clearly indigestible and unconvincing.


ii – Oh God! Why do we have to watch such illogical scenes?

  • In which hospital, would you find no single soul in the two-story building? And Sameer literally threats Imaad by pointing his gun to shoot him at point blank range inside the hospital. Where is the security, the eye witnesses?
  • How did Sameer know to where exactly his former wife might be during her Murree trip? His explanation of getting information from the office is not sufficient. I mean, come on! They were walking within the vast forest of Murree and somehow, Sameer ends up at the exact spot where they are. Gimme a break!
  • Who remains still in love with a person, after such a betrayal? Even after everything has happened, Imaad still refuses to end the marriage. And because of that, we were gifted of 4 more episodes… [Sniff].
  • In the end, everything is forgiven and forgotten? What about all those betrayals, attempt to kill unborn child?
  • This is the first time, where an actual medical lab franchise is openly shown to be involved in bribery, corruption. Boy! Was I shocked and left dumbstruck. I mean, really? How this franchise has allowed them to be degraded like this? You can see that the guy who is persuaded to take the bribe is wearing their official lab coat with their brand name written on it.
  • Sherry’s wife is shown to be supporting both the rival couples POV. This usually is shown intentionally as the TV series sometimes show their some characters to be double sided. However, this would be false in this TV series, as this character is shown in negative light in any other scene or episode.
  • After spending one night together, Imaad suddenly hears of good news. Yes, it’s possible to happen. But very unlikely, for such a scenario. And, after 2 – 3 weeks later, they get the news.


iii – I have not watched any of the previous works by this director. He may or may not be successful in those. However, for Shert, his direction takes the lion’s share of being poorly handled. Still, I do not blame him directly for this TV series’ failure. It’s the writer mainly, who should be held responsible.

iv – Pathetic level of production design. To make the audience believe, that for Sameer and Momal live in Scotland (part of UK), they have England’s flag nailed on the wall, with ‘England’ written on Sameer’s slippers and T-shirt. WTF? Naturally, the BTS team didn’t go there for shoot. To pretend it, they used a very cheap method to do it.

v – Although, it’s a welcome for the viewers that Shert has only total of 17 episodes. But the way, this TV series has dragged the story to its unnatural length, is unbelievable.

vi – The opening theme song is not only bad but the singer seems to be having a sore throat.

vii – I am not really sure if this title name does justification to the TV series. Okay, fine… all hell loose, after the ‘Bet’ goes wrong in the end. But still, I feel that this TV series title should be based on either the character’s name or given to his/her main attribute.

As far as the writing is concerned, [shaking my head] really, I don’t know what to say? I am absolute speechless. To confirm, one should be daring enough to watch this TV series.




+ Overall
Shert is a kind of bet which you would surely like to miss watching.




Rate: 0.75 out of 5 stars

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