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Mr. Khan’s Review on Sona Chandi (1982-3)

A review on Pakistani classic Comedy-Drama TV serial, Sona Chandi (1982-3). It’s Production House and its Distributor is PTV Network (Lahore Studio).




+ Crew

  • Directed by Rashid Dar
  • Written by Munnu Bhai aka Munir Qureshi





+ Note

Sona Chandi aired on PTV Network was released on 18th Sep 1982-3. In total, it consists of 32 episodes. The story revolves around a newly wedded, lower-class couple who arrive at Lahore, in search of work. There they meet a vast number of different people tangled with their social or financial issues, where Sona Chandi tries to sort them out.

It is believed that this TV series is inspired by a real couple named Sona (male) and Chandi (female) from Kallurkot, a Tehsil city of Bhakkar; District of Punjab, Pakistan. During one of the late writer’s visits to Kallurkot, Munnu Bhai got to meet the ‘real’ Sona. He (Sona) has portrayed in the film version of the same name, Sona Chandi (1983-4).

Hamid Rana, who plays the lead role as Sona, comes from a background where his family who never considered the show business a respectful job. Although, by birth, Hamid was a stammer but that didn’t stop him from becoming a recognizable actor. After working in a number of theater plays, he his future co-star, Sheeba Arshad. Soon, they became good friends and started to appear in many theater and TV serials together. The classic hit TV series, Sona Chandi is the first project for the two stars to appear in the lead roles together. Both of the stars are recognized by their iconic characters, rather than by their real names.





+ Main Cast

  1. Hamid Rana as Sona
  2. Sheeba Arshad as Chandi






+ Supporting Cast

  1. Mohammad Ayub as Rukhsana’s Husband
  2. Tashqeen as Baji Rukhsana
  3. Ghayyur Akhtar as Bhai Hameed
  4. Ayub Khan as Mama Yaqoob
  5. Munir Zareef as Chacha Karmoo
  6. Atiya Sharaf as Massi Barkate
  7. Munna Lahori as Driver of Nawab Farasat Ali Khan






+ Guest Cast

  1. Khursheed Shahid
  2. Asim Bukhari
  3. Farooq Zameer
  4. Arifa Siddiqui
  5. Tauqeer Nasir
  6. Aurangzeb Laghari
  7. Tamanna Begum
  8. Jamil Fakhri
  9. Sajjad Kishwer
  10. Abid Kashmiri
  11. Talat Siddiqui
  12. Shakila Qureshi
  13. Ismat Tahira
  14. Masood Akhtar
  15. Najma Mehboob
  16. Muhammad Sharif




+ Plot

A simple lifestyle couple do domestic-help jobs in different middle and upper class houses. There they help many people in solving their problems.




+ High Points

i – The incredible writing behind this couple is moral example of two having life commitments to each other, to face the life’s hardships together in every step. No matter what happens, they respect each other’s different POVs. It’s the writer’s sensational writing skill on how he has able to come up with different situations of comic and drama, to merge together to highlight them on a serious note.

ii – The issues that were highlighted where we are given shown the stubborn parents with their loving children. In some cases, the devoted parents are shown with their ignorant children. Either way, Sona Chandi still manages to handle such people with different circumstances. They even come across such landlords who without their permission cannot leave the house. The viewers also have the chance to meet with humble landladies with whom they have dinner with them on the same dining table. All comes to the point where the couple are able to cope up with different personas of people with different circumstances to sort out their problems.

iii – Sona and Chandi are a simple married couple who sing songs and trust each other with their secrets. Due to their innocence & love, they win many people hearts and gain friendships to build bridges of relationships between those people who had been in conflict with much time.

iv – In the supporting cast, we have Munir Zareef and Ayub Khan were the comic relief characters, who were very amusing.

v – The performances by the lead stars as well as the other cast members have portrayed their characters very nicely.

vi – There are many cameo appearances by a number of fame artists, where the viewers love to see favorite ones on the silver screen.

vii – Having 32 episodes in 1980s TV series, is a rare thing to see. Yet, the writer manages to make most of the episodes interesting enough to watch it till the finale.





+ Low Points

i – Simple set designs, camera handling, editing, just doesn’t works with the kind of writing this TV series is produced with.

ii – Rather than having the story written in cannon manner, we are presented with different stories with different characters, where Sona Chandi work at. Sometimes, it loses interest to watch new stories every time you are switched to a new episode.





+ Overall
Sona Chandi portrays two evergreen characters that are still remembered to this day for their sheer innocence and simplicity to deal with life’s problems.




Rate: 3.50 out of 5 stars

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