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Mr. Khan’s Review on Baaztab (2017)

A review on Pakistani drama theatre play, Baaztab (2017). It was performed at NAPA’s International Theatre Festival 2017.




+ Crew

  • Directed by Farhan Alam
  • Written by Shumaila Taj






+ Note
Baaztab is based on the system of injustice and the collision of the institutions of state with the media and elite of the country are the central focus of the play that seeks a change in this unjust system.

It focuses on personality disorder while it shows how it affects that person and the people who are closer.


+ Full Cast

  1. Naz as Sabah / Rameen
  2. Zain Nazar as Rafaay
  3. Muhammad Sambhan Ghazi as M. Ali
  4. Naveed Kamal as Aslam
  5. Shumaila Taj as Dr. Zara
  6. Shazia Ahmed as Salma
  7. Tehreem Shafiq as Rabia





+ Plot
An elder daughter, Rameen who develops a split personality disorder is due to the death of her late father in a riot at Karachi and her mother’s second marriage to a man who has very traditional patriarchal views on the role of women in society.



+ High Points
i – Naz’s performance as wife with a care free personae living inside her is much admired by the audience. She never delivers less than expectations. Truly a terrific actress!

ii – Naveed Kamal as a religious traditional step father played his part brilliantly. He is an underrated actor that needs to be presented in lime light as much as possible. Other Honorable Mentions: Zain Nazar.

iii – The elevator scene was well directed.



+ Low Points
i – The scenes where Ali and Rameen share seemed unconvincing and weak.

ii – The performers were too limited in their movements. As though the blocking of was restricted to be taken one step only. Such as when Rameen is presented with her family in a scene, they stood (almost still) like shooting ducks / gallery.

iii – There were times when the actors were too quick to deliver their lines instead of focusing on their pauses (according to its beat).

iv – The scenes shifting could be taken place with proper switching of the filtered lights, for the audience ease to understand.

v – The character Rabia was faintly written while the performance of Shazia Ahmed was the weakest.

vi – How Rameen gets away from murder? Only to be ended up with a doctor? Did the police / her family ever find out what she did?



+ Overall
Baaztab has at least the prospective to produce into something healthier. But it might not be worth that second look if not for few performers especially by Naz.


Rate: 2.50 out of 5 stars


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