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Mr. Khan’s Review on Ishq Positive (2016)

A review on Pakistani Rom-Com Feature Length Film, Ishq Positive (2016). The Production Houses are KSL Productions and PMI while its Distributors are Hum Films and Eveready Pictures.




+ Crew

  • Directed by Noor Bukhari
  • Written by Suraj Baba
  • Cinematography by Syed Rizwan Sherazi
  • Edited by Farhan Neo
  • Produced by Dr. Shazia Hussain and Dr. Kashif Latif





+ Note

Ishq Positive was originally to be directed by Sangeeta and was scheduled for release on Eid al-Adha 2015 but it was delayed after Sangeeta left the project. The music is composed by Wali Hamid Ali Khan, Kamran Akhtar & Saji Ali whereas fame Bollywood actor, Sonu Sood narrates the film.





+ Main Cast

  1. Noor Bukhari as Rajjo
  2. Wali Hamid Ali Khan as Wali
  3. Saud as Chaudhry Bashir
  4. Saim Ali as N/A
  5. Ahmed Ali as N/A
  6. Durdana Butt as N/A
  7. Sheeba Butt as N/A








+ Supporting Cast

  1. Kamran Mujahid as N/A
  2. Hina Rizvi as Shelter Land Lady
  3. Iftikhar Thakur as N/A
  4. Marium Chaudary as N/A
  5. Maria Ilyas as N/A
  6. Sonu Sood as Narrator
  7. Sana Fakhar as N/A




+ Plot

Rajjo can’t decide whether she should be with the one she loves or should continue pursuing her career as a drama artist.





+ High Points

i – Good effort by Noor Bukhari, in terms of direction… keeping in mind that it was Sangeeta who was actually hired to do the job.

ii – The lukewarm humor kept the interest level higher than what most of the people had anticipated from it.

iii Inclusion of Sonu Sood as the film’s narrator was something ‘new and different’ for the usage of a foreign celebrity.

iv – Some of the songs, including its lyrics are well written.

v – Cinematography of the songs’ sequences is above average.





+ Low Points

i – A very common story, plot is overused. There’s nothing new to watch.

ii – Better or well-known, good actors had surely uplifted the film into much more memorable one.

iii – A lot of work needed to improve the screenplay, it’s just… embarrassing.




+ Overall

Noor Bukhari and Walid Hamid’s chemistry makes Ishq Positive a nice, fun film to watch.




Rate: 2.75 out of 5 stars


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