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Mr. Khan’s Review on Daastar-e-Anaa (2017 – 18)

A review on Pakistani Drama TV Series, Daastar-e-Anaa aka Egoistic (2017 – 18). Its Production is QT Productions while Distribution is done by TV One.




+ Crew

  • Directed & Produced by Mohsin Talat
  • Written by Amin Sadiq (Late)
  • Director of Photography by Saqib Hussain & Arshi Ali
  • Edited by Muhammad Bilal
  • Co-Produced by Syed Afzal Ali & Uzma Mohsin




+ Note

Daastar-e-Anaa aired on TV One from 14th Apr 2017 to 19th Jan 2018. In total it consists of 40 episodes. The drama’s theme according to the director is to create awareness of keeping balance in relationships and solve the negative slot in the society. Either, this TV drama is character based or issue based, here in this drama we have tried to provide audience with an impact-ful message. It is a traditional love story which is shot on the beautiful locations of Northern Areas in Pakistan.

Uzma Gillani is known for her tough and autocratic choice of roles, due to which she is considered to be in Pakistan as one of the best TV actors of all time. During her career spanning over 45 years, her famous works have earned her wide-spread acclaim & recognition with a Pride of Performance Award by the President of Pakistan in 1982.

The melodic OST of Daastar-e-Anaa is composed by Maestro Waqar Ali and sung by Coke Studio star Jabir Abbas while its title song lyrics written by Sabir Zafar. The Makeup Artists are Farah Deeba & Ali Raza and the Executive Producer as Seema Taher Khan.




+ Main Cast

  1. Uzma Gilani as Zabiunisa
  2. Abid Ali as Muzzaffar Khan
  3. Ayesha Gul as Riffat Begum
  4. Kashif Mahmood as Walid Khan
  5. Saniya Shamshad as Mahnoor
  6. Salman Saeed as Adeel Khan
  7. Arsalan Faisal as Abid Khan
  8. Shahzad Ali Khan as Rahim Gul
  9. Sharmeen Bano Tayyab as Farzana
  10. Sami Sani as Arif Bhai






+ Supportive Cast

  1. Shamoon Abbasi as ASP Humayun
  2. Diya Mughal as Monazza
  3. Raima Khan as Baji
  4. Rubina Arif as Ammi
  5. N/A as Dilawar
  6. Fahad Sherwani as Sultan
  7. N/A as Inspector Faiser
  8. Shahmir Ali as Baba
  9. Yasmeen Huq as Shamsi Bhabhi
  10. Zafar Awan as Advisor






+ Minor Cast

  1. Faisal Rehman as Hashim Khan
  2. Memoona Qudoos Mughal as Nausheen (Secretary)
  3. Saba Faisal as Tanya Begum
  4. Qavi Khan as Sahi Baba
  5. N/A as DIG Head / Shah Jahan
  6. N/A as Bashir
  7. N/A as Riffat’s Son
  8. N/A as Lawyer (Good)
  9. N/A as Lawyer (Bad)
  10. Rida Ashraf as Maid




+ Plot

A beautiful young girl, Mahnoor is trapped in a manor by her ruthless and wealthy grandmother Zaibunnisa. When Adeel falls in love with Mahnoor, he then tries to rescue her from being forceful marriage to her cousin, Abid Khan who is already eyeing to seize his grandmother’s vast estate and wealth.




+ High Points

i – Uzma Gillani as Zaibunnisa gave an outstanding performance as cruel, selfish, cold hearted woman and head of her tribal legacy (after the paralysis illness of her husband, Muzzaffer Khan). It is rare to see such dynamic performance given an actress in antagonist role. The character of Zaibunnisa would surely be remembered as one of the best villains written for Pakistani TV history.

ii – Arsalan Faisal as Abid Khan played out a powerful performance on screen as ruthless, hot tempered, rich playboy. I thoroughly enjoyed watching his performance as first timer. Other Honorable Mentions: Kashif Mahmood, Shahzad Ali Khan, Shamoon Abbasi and Salman Saeed.

iii – Most of the characters were very well written, such as Zaibunnisa, Abid Khan, Walid Khan, Rahim Gul, Adeel and Tanya Begum.

iv – I liked the direction of Mohsin Talat, made TV drama series stimulating to watch.

v – A different plot with an interesting story to tell. The tribal legacy, coming up with their personal rules and regulations at their territory against the law enforcement was the edge here.

vi – The costume designing is really praise worthy. Exotic dresses were kept for different characters the main and supporting cast played; such as Walid Khan, Zaibunnisa, Mahnoor Abid Khan and few more.

vii – Makeup & hair styling did an effective work at their end. It gave glamorous look to Saniya Shamshad, Arsalan Faisal, Salman Saeed, Diya Mughal etc.

viii – The addition of Shamoon Abbasi’s character as ASP Humayun was a good decision. I was very pleased to see him in positive light which is first time for me to see him as. His choice of playing a positive character made me recall of popular Bollywood supporting actor of 90s, Mohnish Bahl who came in positive roles in such super hit films Hum Aap Ke Hai Kaun (1994) and Hum Saath, Saath Hain (1999).

I sincerely wish to see him take more positive roles in TV and films alike as the Indian actor did. Shamoon Abbasi with this role, has made a strong impression on the viewers.

ix – Beautiful locations were used to shoot the TV drama, whether we are talking about interior or exterior places.

x – It was a very intriguing to watch where Saba Faisal and her son, Arsalan Faisal share a scene together.





+ Low Points

i – I believe that 40 episodes TV drama is long for such a story. Last 15 – 20 episodes were filled with unlimited arguments between Riffat Begum and Zaibunnisa as ‘Tu, Tu, Meh, Meh’.

ii – The cinematography in some cases was quite good, taking very scenery shots but there were many times where unnecessary high and low angle shots were used including the usage of ‘Fish-Eye’ lens.

iii – The gun violence was unconvincing, hardly making any noise of an actual gun. I understand that the rating of viewership increases due to showing blood and strong violence but there are many ways where you can show it as real, depending on different camera angles and special effects.

iv – Sharmeen Tayyab’s accent as Farzana was correctly used but it seemed fake, as though forcing herself to speak in such a manner.

v – Bashir all that time in the dungeon is physically fit enough to speak properly but as soon as he is rescued and bought at the police station, he has the look of mentally disturbed.

vi – Unfortunately the ending was… unsatisfying and disappointment.

vii – Zaibunnisa’s security at her manor is so ‘Strict’ that Adeel able to trespass it multiple times solo or with his friend.

viii – Shahmir Ali was the only actor who performed weak plus his character was very poorly written.




+ Overall
Daastar-e-Anaa is a fascinating TV series to enjoy which lists strong performances, breathtaking panoramic shots of the Northern areas, the direction or the dramatic effect of the story itself.




Rate: 3.75 out of 5 stars


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