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Mr. Khan’s Review on Rahm (2016)

A review on Pakistani thriller feature length film, Rahm (2016). Its Production House is Rahm Films Limited while its Distributor is HKC Entertainment.




+ Crew

  • Directed by Ahmed Jamal
  • Cinematography by Jono Smith
  • Written & Produced by Mahmood Jamal




+ Note

Rahm is based on William Shakespeare’s play, Measure for Measure.

The film crew used Arri Alexa and Cooke movie camera lenses, in order to capture the amazing atmosphere of the old narrow streets of Lahore and the architecture of Walled City of Lahore.




+ Main Cast

1) Sajid Hasan as Governor

2) Sanam Saeed as Samina

3) Sunil Shanker as Qazi Ahad

4) Rohail Pirzada as N/A

5) Nayyar Ejaz as N/A



+ Plot

A Governor is having hard time in implementing strict rules in his city. After a heart stroke, he appoints new Governor, Qazi Ahad to look after the city. But once Qazi is in power, he misuses it while implementing tough laws on people. Unknown to him, the former Governor is watching his every move as he in disguise as Peer.



+ High Points

i – Main stars, Sanam Saeed and Sajid Hasan performed very dynamic. Good performances build a keen interest to watch the film till the end. Other Honorable Mentions: Rohail Pirzada.

ii – The cinematography is good mostly where narrow roads of Lahore are shot.

iii – The film is very closely based on the play.

iv – Nayyar Ejaz’s acting is very pleasant while his character is well written.



+ Low Points

i – There is no importance towards the supporting characters’ performances. They basically have no emotions or reactions in them. Example: When the pregnant woman is arrested and bought towards the police van. She not only tries not to resist but makes no complain or has worried look. She seemed very obedient and interested in getting arrested. The second time she is shown and informed that her lover would be hanged soon… even in that scene there is still no expression of sorrow.

This character in supporting role is not the only one whose proper performance was given any attention to.

ii – The makeover of Sajid Hassan as Peer was poorly done. I mean, his beard clearly showed that it’s been stick with his face. And his voice is same as Peer and as Governor. Are you saying no one in police or close friends of his are unable to recognize his voice?

iii – I am sorry but all those twists & turns turned out to be very easily predictable and already saw it coming.

iv – Sunil Shankar is a very good actor and already watched his theatrical performances. Here I find his character written prosaic and nothing special to watch.

v – I am surprised to know that how can one intimate with someone without looking at the face? Yes, I am aware that there were conditions restricted to antagonist (and in the original play as well) before this bargain was to take place. But it is so hard to believe, that how a ruthless corrupt character follows every rule in able to woo that person?

vi – Although the film is closely based on the play but there was hardly any interest in knowing to what happens next. I read the original story by William Shakespeare; it didn’t appeal me. Hence, this film did not attract even an average audience.


+ Overall

Though, certainly not a fan of Measure of MeasureRahm does best to stick close to its original source adaptation. But the story’s predictability and lack of believable outcomes ruins its moment of success.



Rate: 2.25 out of 5 stars


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