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Mr. Khan’s Review on Ishq Mein Teray (2013)

A review on Pakistani Drama TV Serial, Ishq Mein Teray (2013) aka In Your Love. Its Production House & its Distributor is Hum Entertainment.



+ Crew

  • Directed by Fahim Barni
  • Written by Sadia Akhtar
  • Title Song by Sohail Haider & Dua Malik
  • Produced by Syed Afzal Ali




+ Note
Ishq Mein Teray aired on Hum TV from 27th Nov 2013 – 26th Mar 2014. It consists of total 18 episodes. This drama was also aired on Indian channel Zee Zindagi from 27th Jan 2016 every Monday to Saturday 6:10 pm (IST) under the same title.




+ Main Cast

  1. Mehwish Hayat as Aiza
  2. Azfar Rehman as Saad Hamdani
  3. Madiha Imam as Laiba
  4. Shahzad Nawaz as Sheharyar Hamdani






+ Supportive Cast

  1. Shazia Naz as Cucko
  2. Atif Rathore as Bakhtiar
  3. Ayesha Gul as Fozia
  4. Shaheen Khan as Saleha




+ Plot

Aiza is a beautiful, down to earth young female who is the head in looking after household responsibilities including of her lazy brother & his family. Good fortune strikes her and she gets hired by Sheharyar Hamdani, whose daughter Laiba is Aiza’s friend and student. Laiba is in love with her cousin, Saad Hamdani, while Aiza’s intellect draws both Saad and Sheharyar towards her.



+ High Points
i – Mehwish Hayat performance was very good in the protagonist role. She clearly showed that she earned her lead role as the better performer.

ii – Shaheen Khan is a respectable actress and played her part as Saad’s mother really well.

iii – Plot twists of Aiza’s sudden marriage and Saad’s severe illness were good move.

iv – Both Mehwish Hayat & Shaheen Khan looked very attractive on-screen.



+ Low Points
i – The consequences of the plot twists were lame and poorly handled. I thought that after Aiza’s sudden marriage, its consequences would bring a HUGE turnaround for the drama but I was wrong. Nothing happened as such to be proud of. Perhaps I had high expectations from it. And to show someone with a dangerous illness in the start, there is at least 90% chances that that person would not survive till the end.

ii – Too many cliffhangers happened by the end of each episode (almost) but in the very next episode we are shown that nothing has happened as the character/s are too naïve to understand.

iii – Ayesha Gul’s character was very annoying and hateful. I understand that her character was written as selfish and arrogant but it was very difficult to watch her scenes due to consistent nagging and fighting with husband.

iv – After Aiza’s marriage, the existence of Bakhtiar & his family did not carry any weight nor had any significance on their scenes. The reason is that their sub plot linked with the main story was weak from the very start.

v – Madiha Imam character as Laiba seemed senseless enough to believe anything (after an effort) against anyone. She had suspicions against Aiza at least 3 – 4 times then she stopped talking to her father and Saad too. Her character was weak and can be defined as damsel in distress. She was always on the verge of either ending all her relations with her close ones or committing suicide.

vi – Cucko was only written to play it as a vamp without any her side of the story. Why would anyone keep her in their house when everyone knows of her ill personality and habit of eavesdropping? Till the end of this drama series she remains the same, no final verdict to what happened to her, her unfulfilled promises and threats?

vii – When Laiba tells her dad of the affair suspicion, not only Sheharyar believes her without any proof but also that he goes home and tells this to everyone at home. I mean this is a very personal thing and directly related with his honor. Why would he share this unconfirmed truth to Cucko for? It was unconcerned with her. If he really believed it as a fact then he should had discussed this with Saleha only.

I was shocked by the writer’s move as Sheharyar’s character throughout the drama was shown as a mature with great intellect and nice person. Regardless that the claim was made by her only daughter, even then the least he could had done was talked to his wife and nephew before making his final decision.

At same time, why didn’t his wife tell him of Saad’s love confession before or after her marriage? It’s not like he would had hated Aiza or hated Saad for rest of his life?

viii – The first experience of Aiza traveling on an airplane with Sheharyar by her side. This scene could be well written / directed while showing in detail her nervousness and fear of flying. However, this scene only lasted for hardly 2 minutes. What a bummer!

ix – The cinematography in many scenes were shot by a hand-held cam which literally did not make any sense as to why this move was used? Most of its time the camera was held in such shaky position that it did not go with the flow at all.

x – When the first time, Saad see the girl of his dreams and then decides to take a picture of her without her consent. He does this while standing on higher ground / 1st floor while the girl is downstairs unknowing of his presence. After he takes her picture from his mobile, it shows that the picture is in mid close up. This could be only possible if Saad was directly facing the person on same height.

xi – There were several scenes which were too predictable such as Laiba finding out the old sketch that Saad drew and still kept with his personal remarks for his former love.

xii – Since the news of Saad’s illness was informed to him when it was still very much curable then why let his health deteriorate for one sided love who is now happily married? But most importantly ignoring the fact that what would become of his mother who is already a widow and all she has in this world is her son?




+ Overall
Ishq Mein Teray’s weak writing, dull characters and shaky cinematography were the final nails that were hammered in the coffin.



Rate: 1.0 out of 5 stars


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