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Mr. Khan’s Review on Chain Aye Na (2017)

A review on Pakistani Romantic feature length film, Chain Aye Na aka State of Restlessness (2017). The Production House is Hollywood Impressions & Paragon Entertainment Combined Production.



+ Crew

  • Written, Directed & Produced by Syed Noor
  • Cinematography by Irfan Mirza
  • Edited by Syed Umar Shafiq
  • Music by M. Arshad & Iffi-K (UK)
  • Co-Produced by Jawed Siddiqi and Naim Haroon Sakhia




+ Note

Chain Aye Na’s infamous trailer created such a viral just within couple of days where many people and fans alike questioned Shehroz Sabzwari’s move to choose such a film. The film itself received mixed to mostly negative reviews by critics.

Adil Murad is the son of late Waheed Murad, one of the most famous Pakistani film actors of all time. This film debuts actress Sarish Khan.





+ Main Cast

  1. Shehroz Sabzwari as Rayyan
  2. Sarish Khan as Ruba
  3. Adil Murad as Murad
  4. Sobia Khan as Murad’s Mistress
  5. Mustafa Qureshi as Murad’s Father
  6. Nadeem Baig as Ruba’s Dad






+ Supportive Cast

  1. Behroze Sabzwari as Rayyan’s Dad
  2. Danish Nawaz as Danish
  3. Atiqa Odho as Ruba’s Mom
  4. Waqar Godhra as Rayyan’s Friend
  5. Maryam as Rayyan’s Friend-Sis



+ Plot

It revolves around Rayyan, who is a young musician and falls in love with Ruba at first sight. However Ruba has no interest in Rayyan as she thinks she is happily engaged to Murad.



+ High Points

i – Danish Nawaz as Rayyan’s friend and musician has performed well. I was actually enjoying in watching his scenes. Other Honorable Mentions: Behroze Sabzwari and Mustafa Qureshi.

ii – The comic relief by Danish Nawaz and occasionally by Mustafa Qureshi was hilarious. They add up much fun during this un-interesting film.

iii – Most of the songs are good to listen to only.

iv – Shehroz Sabzwari’s boyish looks and attitude finally matched his role perfectly well. A person with a case of highly immaturity and is madly in love with to-be soon married young female.



+ Low Points

i – Warning: After watching Chain Aye Na personally, since there is a long list of flaws in this film that is why it’s better to talk on only the most recognizable ones.

A romantic comedy film turned out to be just cheesy-comedy film unintentionally. Just as the interval came, a guy sitting in front row to me said it a loud “Oh-My-God”! And everyone started laughing. Everyone means 11 people. That’s the total number of people as audience at Nuplex cinema hall; although this film is released only few days ago. Then we see that Rayyan is unable to take ‘No!’ for an answer. The same guy sitting in front row of mine said ‘Is he mad?’ Just like before, everyone started laughing. Even in dance scenes, audience were chuckling and giggling while covering their mouths.

ii – I disagree with other reviews regarding showing domestic violence against women. The film’s message was not that at all. Instead it shows no matter what, if a guy truly falls in love with someone and believes in himself then no one or divine intervention can stop him from winning that female’s heart. She would definitely fall in love with him eventually once she realizes his true love and craziness for her. Although I remember a very good Bollywood film, depicting same issue where the things end up pretty opposite as they would in real life — That film’s name is ‘Darr’ (1993).

The other message was how some parents take their children for granted and uses them for achieving their personal goals.

iii – This film needs a good dance choreographer, as Sobia Khan decides to wear red dress tries to dance in seductive manner but it appears as if she is aerobics fanatic.

iv – It gives a very bad impression of Shehroz Sabzwari to see with his father always / mostly in his projects. It looks as if Shehroz cannot find work and looks up to his father Behroze Sabzwari all the time. His father should let his son make his own choices regarding film career at least and try to work in separate projects. Let Shehroz appear in good films for some time before start working in his projects again. Shehroz has a long way to go to be in his father’s footsteps.

v – Adil Murad plays a dark, bad character therefore there are hardly any lights in his ‘Castle Vania’ where he most of time is in his nighty, smokes cigars and drinks a lot. His favorite place for ‘Having fun’ is by the house / farm’s poolside with his lovesick mistress.

vi – In different vocal songs, Shehroz’s voice doesn’t matches at all. It clearly shows that he is lip sync only.

vii – The intense scene in the film’s end was so funny that no one in the audience had a straight face but kept laughing non-stop. The sound of laughter became so loud that it started echoing in almost empty hall.

viii – Adil Murad’s last scene indicates that most probably there would a sequel. — A sequel?!? Are you ****ing kidding me?? Whose goanna watch THAT?

ix – Rayyan and Ruba come running to hug each other with such an expression on their faces which shows clear sign of relief as almost saying it aloud ‘Thank God! the film is over’!




+ Overall

Chain Aye Na is so Bad that it’s actually ‘Good’ and may become cult favorite by Syed Noor’s die-hard fans.




Rate: 1.0 out of 5 stars


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