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Mr. Khan’s Review on Dusri Bivi (2014)

A review on Pakistani Drama TV Serial, Dusri Bivi (2014) aka Second Wife. Its Production House is Big Bang Entertainment while its Distributor is ARY Entertainment.



+ Crew

  • Directed by Anjum Shahzad
  • Written by Samina Ejaz
  • Music by Ahmed Jahanzaib
  • Produced by Fahad Mustafa & Dr. Ali Kazmi




+ Note

Dusri Bivi aired on ARY from 1st Dec 2014 – 4th May 2015. It consists of total 23 episodes. Fahad Mustafa had announced that this drama would be his “Last” television commitment.




Main Cast

1) Fahad Mustafa as Hassan

2) Hareem Farooq as Ayesha

3) Maha Warsi as Farah





Supportive Cast

4) Ahmed Ali as Aamir

5) Dr. Ali Kazmi as Ahmed


+ Plot

Hassan, a loving husband and a father, is a CEO of his company where his colleague Farah works. Soon after a true friendship bond is made between Hassan and Farah, she finds herself falling in love with him. Once Ayesha (first wife) learns about her husband’s marriage to Farah in secrecy… nothing remains the same.



+ High Points

i – Maha Warsi as Farah performed soundly and really looked as true loving wife.

ii – Nice to see a change of character as the main antagonist of this drama series.

iii – The tense scenes shown once married and bringing in your second wife in the same house where your first wife lives… it was directed very nicely.



+ Low Points

i – The tension created during hospital scenes where Hassan has to decide whether the mother or the baby life is more important to live? He knows well who is responsible for this… it could had brought out Fahad Mustafa’s great acting… he could had easily been remembered by this drama series performance but we were not so lucky. The performance in those high intense scenes was just mediocre.

ii – The reason shown to us as to why Hassan marries Farah is so WTH! I mean, are you serious?? Is Farah’s father that lame? Unbelievable!

iii – A miracle occurred when a baby is born. We all adults know well that how a new born baby looks like? But here we have a baby who looks like a few months old. I asked a friend on the baby appearance (just to make sure) … and she said that the baby looks at least six months old! Imagine the stupidity by the team of this ‘Great’ drama series.

iv – In Pakistani dramas, car accidents are as common as in Indian dramas, plastic surgeries are.

v – Aamir character is so badly written. Not only had he reminded me of the character Rohit from the Bollywood film Dil Chahta Hai (2001) but his character so irritating that even the main characters as well as the viewers hated to see him appear. You would say that this is what they wanted to show, right? No, this is not what I mean by ‘Bad’. What I am saying is we as viewers wanted to get rid of this character ASAP so that we could move on with the next phase of the story.

vi – Every house that shown to us, no one had enough money to buy few bulbs for their homes to lit up? The rooms are shot in such gloomy state as if these people are always a victim of load shedding. Only day light is helps them, where able to see who they are talking to or where they are going?

vii – Hareem’s hairstyle is always the same no matter where she is or at what time you see her.

viii – The interest level arises after 12th or 13th episode. Before that there was hardly any story to watch. As I am a reviewer, therefore, I made an effort to watch first 11 episodes. But if I was one of the viewers, then just after just 3rd episode I would have switched to some other drama series instead.

ix – Fahad & Hareem performances were so-so. Although I had good expectations from Fahad but he performed way too calm than he should have been… In some places he should be using sharp tone or shout but didn’t, was really off scene for the viewers.

x – A scene takes place where an apology been is made by a character at the hospital — this would have given a proper good ending. Okay, fine! The writer thought of a twist afterwards which is BTW good only if it is digestible and its retaliation shown properly but did not. Instead it looked like as if there is no end to this drama series. We all are stuck in some kind of Time Loop. Yikes!

xi – The title really grabbed my attention and decided to watch this drama series. But the behavior deteriorates by one of the wives in such bad light as one may have lost her marbles. Nonetheless, it was not similar to Glenn Close’s performance in Fatal Attraction (1987).

xii – The ending is highly cliché and so unrealistic. It seemed to me that the writer was pressurized to give a ‘Happy’ ending. Even in the end of the finale, still very hard to believe if that character would keep herself stable and accept reality or not?

xiii – A daughter is about to die due to someone’s fault but here we have her father who is talking very nicely, calmly to that person (who is responsible) while also handing over a new born of his dying daughter to take care of. What?




+ Overall:

Despite having no proper story, the simplicity made it still watchable. Nevertheless, since the performances were not up to the mark while the finale was dull therefore Dusri Bivi may be best left as forgotten.



Rate: 1.0 out of 5 stars


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