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Mr. Khan’s Review on Kyun Nikala (2018)

A review on Pakistani Political Satire theatre play, Kyun Nikala (2018). Its Executive Producer is Asiyah Tahir while its Production House is KopyKats Productions.




+ Crew

  • Lighting & Directed by Dawar Mehmood
  • Written by Anwar Maqsood
  • Produced by Epsilon Communications





+ Note
Prior to the play, Anwar Maqsood had made it clear that Kyun Nikala has nothing to do with former PM, Nawaz Sharif.

This play was performed at Arts Council Karachi.


+ Full Cast

  1. Sajid Hasan as Chaudhry
  2. Mohsin Ejaz as Mujeeb Bengali
  3. Sarah Saifi as Modi
  4. Maha Hasan as Rehana
  5. Nazar Hussain as Nadra Khawaja Sera / NAB officer
  6. Raza Zaidi as Lasani Wakeel / NAB Officer
  7. Rabbiya Shakil as Nasreen Sadiq
  8. Khadija Hashism as Shaista Ahmed
  9. Tanveer Gill as Sardar Sahab





+ Plot
Chaudhry, a PMLN member is very disturbed by the current situation at the time of general elections to take place soon. His wife, Modi tries to convince him to join the PTI while the Bengali cook, Mujeeb is the only one who is much wiser and all ears in the house.





+ High Points
i – Sajid Hasan as Chaudhry acted very brilliantly, grabbed everyone’s attention by his funny facial expressions and timely comic punchlines. It was truly an honor to watch his LIVE performance in respected writer, Anwar Maqsood’s play.

ii – The punchlines, the jokes were well written by Sir Anwar Maqsood. Naturally, the play’s foundation was strong enough by him for the director and the actors to do their parts as the script (Anwar) demanded it to be for the audience to enjoy.

iii – Once again, a good direction by Dawar Mehmood. He always made the plays much more interesting with his smart timing execution.

iv – A convincingly performance by Tanveer Gill as Sardar Sahab (Sindhi). He was one of the two characters who were interestingly written. I thoroughly enjoyed him perform and hope to see him grow as an artist.





+ Low Points
i – If one is involved with current politics, as to what is happening in our nation then you would enjoy the play more as two-third of the jokes were based on political references. Otherwise, you be sitting there and watching other people laugh.

ii – Sajid Hasan’s character, Chaudhry was given more meat than any other character. No one stood a chance to do better in front of him as Sajid was given all the best punchlines and maximum stage appearance.

iii – ‘Khalayi Makhlooq’ was the dialogue spoken by the character, Mujeeb Bengali whenever Chaudhry asked him to whom he is talking to. This dialogue was funny hearing only the first time he said. After that this became very boring to make the audience laugh with same repeated joke, tiresome attempt by the writer.
iv – I was shocked to see that the lighting was too sloppily handled. The dialogues were yet to be delivered by the performers but the lights were too soon switched off. This happened several times which was hard to ignore.




+ Overall
With the combined efforts of lead star, director and writer, Kyun Nikala is a light comedy political play with a quality time to enjoy.


Rate: 3.0 out of 5


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