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Mr. Khan’s Review on Qissa Sotay Jaagtay Ka (2016)

A review on Pakistani Drama Comic theatre play, Qissa Sotay Jaagtay Ka (2016).



+ Crew

  • Directed by Anjum Ayaz


+ Note

Qissa Sotay Jaagtay Ka is originally written by late Ahmed Ali. Its basic theme is about how equality and justice are look upon in the light of different classes in the society.



+ Full Cast

  1. Irfan Khan as Aadam / Aam Aadmi
  2. Muhammad Zamaan Abbasi as Saaqi Khan
  3. Najma Kifayat as Hoshruba
  4. Hammad Khan as Kafgeer
  5. Aqeel Ahmed as Chamcha
  6. Ghulam Murtaza as Maseeh Ul Qasr / Nigran e Sheher
  7. Kaleem Ghouri as Ghulaam
  8. Saddam Hussain as Wakeel e Aam
  9. Umair Rafiq as Wakeel e Khaas
  10. Nadir Hussain as Ameer Ul Riyasat
  11. Sehrish Qadeer as Shehzadi / Aadam’s Wife
  12. Farhan Malik as Fankaar



+ Plot

Aadam is a married common man, who has a bad habit of drinking. One day, he drinks too much and falls asleep. In a mere coincidence, a high-status ruler Ameer Ul Riyasat finds him there and decides to play a ‘Game’ with Aadam by putting him in his place for few days as the dominant ruler.




+ High Points:

i – It was a good decision to give the lead role to Irfan Khan as Aadam. He played the role really well and it was interesting to see him perform.

ii – The main supporting roles of Hammad Khan & Aqeel Ahmed as the advisers played their roles brilliantly to the CORE. The bulls-eye performances made a very strong impression in the audience and critic alike. Their weird type of laughter would always remain memorable of this play.

iii – Najma Kifayat as private secretary plays the character in such a way as if she was born to play these kinds of roles.

iv – The set design was exquisite and astounding to look at.

v – The story as well as the screenplay is so fascinating that one should give his serious attention to. A good script is a main ingredient that helps the performers in playing their respected roles in striking manner.

vi – The direction was very good throughout the play especially in the scene of court room where the lawyers (played by Umair Rafiq and Saddam Hussain) reading the books in gibberish manner, fighting for the case with such enthusiastic behavior but during the recess showing them as good friends was well directed and performed.

vii – We have a guest appearance by Faizan who plays the role of Fankaar. His limited role left the audience very amused.

viii – The costumes were very suitable according to the characters as written.




+ Low Points:

i – The character Shezadi though the role was small but its inclusion in the play did not carried any weight. It would have been better if the character was kept off-stage.

ii – As I mentioned before that Najma Kifayat played the role Hoshruba as it demanded to be but I am really growing tired to see her in repeated similar roles on and on. If Najma is serious in making a good career as an actress then she needs to look for different and challenging roles which are not in the category of ‘Type Cast’. Due to this reason, any other good actress would have been delightful to watch who has not played a role like this before.


+ Overall:

Qissa Sotay Jaagtay Ka is a memorable play mainly because of its writing and direction.



Rate: 4.25 out of 5 stars


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