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Mr. Khan’s Review on Son of a Lion (2007)

A review on Australian – Pakistani feature length (collaboration) film, Son of a Lion (2007). The Production Houses are Carolyn Johnson Films while its Distributors are ARD Degeto Film and Mara Pictures.



+ Crew

  • Directed, Written & Cinematography by Benjamin Gilmour
  • Co-Cinematography by Haroon John
  • Edited by Alison McSkimming Croft
  • Music by Amanda Brown
  • Produced by Carolyn Johnson




+ Note

Benjamin Gilmour being an Australian former paramedic, this is his directional debut. Son of a Lion set in Darra Adam Khel, in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The film is in Pashto with English subtitles. The writing is been done in teamwork with the people of Kohat & Darra Adam Khel, Pakistan.

Gilmour visited Darra Adam Khel in August 2001, on his way from Australia to Britain, and wanted to make a film that would combat negative Western perceptions of Pashtuns and Muslims following the 11 September attacks. Son of a Lion cost slightly over £2,000 to film. The Australian Film Commission funded its post-production.




+ Main Cast

  1. Niaz Khan Shinwari as Niaz Afridi
  2. Sher Alam Miskeen Ustad Baktiyar as Sher Alam Afridi
  3. Baktiyar Ahmed Afridi Agha as Baktiyar Afridi
  4. Agha Jaan Anousha Baktiyar as Agha Jaan






+ Supportive Cast

  1. Fazal Bibi Pite as Grandma
  2. Khaista Mir Hayat Afridi as Pite Afridi
  3. Anousha Vasif Shinwari as Anousha Baktiyar
  4. Hayat Khan Shinwari as Hayat Afridi




+ Plot

Niaz Afridi, a Pashtun boy who wants to go to school instead of carrying on the family business of manufacturing firearms.



+ High Points

i – Performances by everyone are satisfactory, helps the story to move forward.

ii – The people who are unknown to this kind of environment may find Son of a Lion keen to watch.




+ Low Points

i – The interest level throughout the film was very low. It was like watching everyday story of a simple man. Some people might defend this and say it’s good that it’s simple. I do agree with that but the thing is that it’s so simple that interest level never comes in the entire film.




+ Overall

Son of a Lion is too simple story-based film… do we have anything else to watch?



Rate: 1.50 out of 5 stars


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