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Mr. Khan’s Review on Latri Jo Lafro (2016)

A review on Pakistani comic theatre play, Latri Jo Lafro (2016). It was played in Memoni language.



+ Crew

  • Director is Fraz Chhotani




+ Note

Fraz has acted in a number of NAPA plays including Merchant of Venice, Lao to Qatl Nama Mera, Kuttay and Sau Din Chor Ke among others. He has worked with a number of directors as a Lighting Designer and with Mateela Films as an Assistant Director.




+ Full Cast

1) Nazar-ul-Hassan as Bachu Bhai

2) Farhan Alam as Zubair

3) Hammad Khan as Achchan

4) Ashfaq Ahmed as Haseen Gul

5) Kaleem Ghouri as Bachu’s Partner

6) Faraz Gill as Policeman




+ Plot

It is about two Memon characters, maamu Bachu Bhai and his nephew Zubair. They have lost their entire wealth in the Stock Market crash and owe a lot of money to their creditors, from whom they must somehow need to escape for good.




+ High Points

i – Yet again, an amazing performance by Nazar-ul-Hassan as Bachu Bhai. This guy is unbelievable when he is performing (whether on stage or on screen). He is truly a phenomenon, a wonderful performer.

ii – Ashfaq Ahmed as Haseen Gul played the supporting role of rich Pathan was very amusing. He was the main comic relief character of the play. The audience simply loved his performance especially the Pashto accent that he adapted to deliver his lines. Good job! Other Honorable Mentions: Hammad Khan.

iii – The play started out well, in Memoni language.

iv – The screenplay did a brilliant work in order to exceed the expectations of the audience of their favorite performers, to execute better.

v – The set was exquisitely designed with appropriate props and objects.

vi – The costumes of the characters were very convincing and relevant to the class of these characters’ status.

vii – Kaleem Ghouri was given the most suitable role of Bachu’s Partner (former). Kaleem has his signature move to how he must act upon a given character. It was enjoyable to see him perform.


+ Low Points
i – The play was so interesting, sensational performances by the cast members and good direction; I was left somewhat unsatisfied due to average time length was given to carry out the play. Perhaps a sequel to this wonderful play with addition of few new characters would uplift this play from its predecessor.

ii – Regardless how much humorous Haseen Gul character was written, however it is sad to say that we are still dealing with stereotype jokes.


+ Overall
Latri Jo Lafro has some excellent performances, incredible comic timing and hilarious punch lines were written…

Rate: 4.25 out of 5 stars

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