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Mr. Khan’s Review on Dark Room (2016)

A review on Pakistani drama theatre play, Dark Room (2016). It was performed in Sindhi language.


+ Crew

  • Directed by Maqbool Ahmed



+ Note

This is Maqbool’s directional debut stage play. He has acted in several plays including Dheti Diwarain for NAPA.



+ Full Cast

1) Paras Masroor as Siddiqui

2) Umair Bhutto as Jamshed

3) Nadir Hussain as Zafar

4) Haider Qadri as Kamran

5) Saddam Hussain as Ismail



+ Plot

It is about four friends who have recently graduated from college and are desperately looking for work. They are faced with a harsh environment where their youthful ideals are corrupted. One of them refuses to bow down to the corruption and chooses to resist the moral decay that is rotting the souls of the others.



+ High Points

i – Remarkable performance by Haider Qadri as Kamran. This performance was truly a standing ovation quality. He is one of the two stars of this play who are new to me. Not only did he perform well but even his character was most interesting of them all.

ii – Paras Masroor as Siddiqui performed magnificently. His terrifying act as Siddiqui, as the most matured guy of the group gave the audience chills with his realistic execution. Other Honorable Mentions: Rest of the cast.

iii – The screenplay was excellently written; many good punch lines which created interesting and important point to watch the play in the first place.

iv – The art direction of the stage is properly managed.

v – A haunting, tragic play that is told through the eyes of the struggling graduate young guys.

vi – This is the first play where more than three performers have acted in most praise worthy manner ever.



+ Low Points

i – I wished this play was performed in Urdu language too with these same cast & crew.



+ Overall

Only the most hard-edged soul won’t be moved by Dark Room, a heartening play.


Rate: 4.75 out of 5 stars


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