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Mr. Khan’s Review on Pinky Memsab (2018)

A review on Pakistani drama feature length film, Pinky Memsab (2018) aka Pinky Madam. The Production House & Distributor is Eveready Pictures.



+ Crew

  • Written, Directed & Produced by Shazia Ali Khan
  • Co-Written by Babar Ali
  • Cinematography by Humza Yousaf
  • Edited by Suraj Gunjal
  • Music by Abbas Ali Khan




+ Note

Pinky Memsab is a film dedicated to those who are/have lived in Dubai to know the true meaning of this story. The life of an unhappy Dubai socialite gets entwined with her impressionable young maid to a point where they are both thrown into crisis. Now, they must break free from their pre-conceived notions and unspoken class barriers to discover who they truly are.

Hajra Yamin and Khalid Ahmed are well-known theatre artists. Khalid Sb has written, acted and directed many of hit theatre plays at NAPA. Taaliah Mazhar Khan is the film’s costume designer.




+ Main Cast

  1. Hajra Yamin as Pinky
  2. Kiran Malik as Mehr
  3. Adnan Jaffar as Hasan






+ Supporting Cast

  1. Sunny Hinduja as Santosh
  2. Khalid Ahmed as Qutb
  3. Shamim Hilaly as Jahan Ara
  4. Mariel Bianca Salazar as Grace
  5. Eesha Ishaq as Esha (Cameo)




+ Plot

After divorce, Pinky is accepted as a foreign house maid at Dubai in an elite social class family. Everything seems like a dream-state life until one day her reality is hit by life’s hardships.




+ High Points

i – A very well directed film by Shazia Khan. It’s her directorial debut feature length film. It’s a shame that she didn’t directed any other after this film.

ii – Sunny Hinduja who performed as Santosh, a driver with Indian roots gave a fantastic performance. It made me wonder why I have not seen any of his past performances for. In this film, he has most certainly done a great job.

iii – Kiran Malik is also new to me. But that’s because this is her first film as well. Her performance is quite realistic and very intelligently played out. Other Honorable Mentions: Hajra Yamin.

iv – The cinematography is beautifully shot; its lighting control and color correction really lighten ups your mood.

v – The core message of the film is nice as it is regarding life’s hardships especially what you dream to achieve but what you get in real life. This film is dedicated to those people who are working abroad for financial reasons or better lifestyle. And to survive there, they sometimes need to shelf their dreams and need to do what is best for that moment.

vi – From production design to costume designing and makeup & hair styling, all three departments’ work are splendidly done.  Loved the wardrobe of Mehr and Hasan.

vii – The cameos by Khalid Ahmed and Shamim Hilaly, who played the roles of Mehr’s parents were not only surprising but their scenes were the most interesting. Other interesting ones were of Santosh and Pinky scene sharing.




+ Low Points

i – Without a good story, there’s hardly anything to watch here. Your focus would automatically turn towards other things, such as performances, cinematography, songs etc.

ii – Even its ending is disappointing. Too bad, as the trailer had raised many people expectations.





+ Overall

Pinky Memsab could not fulfill its promise for something new or exciting.



Rate: 2.0 out of 5 stars


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