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Mr. Khan’s Review on Do Qadam Door Thay (2017)

A review on Pakistani Rom-Drama TV Series, Do Qadam Door Thay (2017) aka [Two Steps Away]. The Production Houses are Ironline Productions and KK Entertainment whereas its Distributor is Geo Entertainment.



+ Crew

  1. Directed & Produced by Mohsin Mirza
  2. Creative Director by Kashif Ahmed Butt
  3. Written by Kifayat Rodani
  4. Title Song by Nida Arab and Nabeel Shaukat Ali



+ Note
Do Qadam Door Thay aired on Geo Entertainment from 3rd Feb 2014 – 7th Apr 2014. In total it consists of 21 episodes. It is about selfishness, deceit and betrayal. The winner of Sur Kshetra, the singers of hit OSTs were Darmiyan, Shukk, Pachtawa and Zindagi Tere Bina while this OST is composed by Waqar Ali. This story is loosely based on the novel ‘Zan Zar Zameen’ by Wajeda Tabassum.

After the fame drama series Hum Safar, Do Qadam Door Thay gained the 2nd highest TRP and ran for couple of years more.



+ Main Cast

  1. Aiza Khan as Nayab Iqbal
  2. Sami Khan as Zohabuddeen/Zoab
  3. Alyy Khan as Dr. Salman
  4. Sana Khan as Neesha
  5. Faisal Naqvi as Zoab’s Close Friend
  6. Anum Aqeel as Nayab’s Close Friend






+ Supportive Cast

  1. Qavi Khan as Zohab’s Grandfather
  2. Azra Mohenuddin as Zohab’s Mother
  3. Fareeha Jabeen as Welfare’s Monitor
  4. Shahid Naqvi as Welfare’s Ward Head
  5. Ambar Arshad as Zoab’s Sister
  6. Kunwar Arsalan as Raza (Nayab’s Cousin)
  7. N/A (woman) as Beggar




+ Plot

To save Nayab’s life and her future, a random young guy, Zoab is kidnapped and forced to marry Nayyab by her cousin Raza. After marriage as soon as Zoab finds the chance, he ditches her in the middle of the road. After some time, Zoab feels guilty on his part and tries to find her. But the problem is, both of them did not saw each other faces nor remember their names.




+ High Points

i – Faisal Naqvi is a wonderful actor. I have watched and praised of his performance in the drama series Sangdil (2016) as well. And here too, he turned out to be a good choice too.

ii – Anum Aqeel’s performance is the first one I have watched and pleased by it. Other Honorable Mentions: Alyy Khan and N/A (woman who performed as a Beggar).

iii – Alyy Khan’s character was written better than the roles he is usually offered to do.

iv – I liked the writer’s move of comparison to show the behavior of maturity by Dr. Salman and immaturity by Zoab towards Nayyab.




+ Low Points

i – I find hard to agree with the story’s main plot.  Forceful marriage is NEVER considered as VALID / ACCEPTABLE marriage in terms of law and in the eyes of ANY respected religion.

ii – For a short story like this one, total 17 episodes are more than enough.

iii – Sami Khan … this guy simply cannot act. It’s a SERIOUS advice for him to concentrate and work hard on his acting skills.

iv – In the start of this drama series, anyone with right mind would know and act quickly in changing the bridal red dress before many curious people attentions are grabbed. However in this series, Nayyab acts upon it too late.

v – When Nayyab goes to meet an older guy at his ‘office’ and he quickly reveals his ill intentions for her. Its highly unrealistic to see that he actually waits for Nayyab to dial the caller and speak with him for few seconds before deciding to hang the phone down; means giving the chance to the caller of her panic situation and to know the dialed the number (which would reveal the location address too).
vi – Zoab and his close friend have nothing to talk about than of Zoab’s forced marriage & finding his wife.

vii – Nayab’s kidnapping part was totally unnecessary inserted in the story.

viii – Damn you PEMRA! It’s a great skill to understand the difference of normal and intimate scenes.

ix – Nayyab did not appeared or looked as beautiful as the way all other characters were reacting to her beauty.



+ Overall
When it comes to romantic-drama series, Do Qadam Door Thay stumbles down from its path mainly due to lack of interesting subplots and below average direction.



Rate: 1.0 out of 5 stars


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