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Mr. Khan’s Review on Bachaana (2016)

A review on Pakistani feature length film, Bachaana (2016) aka Saving. The Production House is Big Film Entertainment while its Distributor is Hum Films.



+ Crew

  • Directed by Nasir Khan
  • Cinematography by Asrad Khan
  • Written by Saad Azhar
  • Edited by Sami Ullah & Ahsan Sardar
  • Produced by Rizwan Saeed




+ Note

Bachaana is a feature directorial debut of Nasir Khan, who previously directed a documentary titled Made in Pakistan. It was filmed in Mauritius, Pakistan and India. The music is composed by Ali Sher.

This film is inspired by Taxi (film series) which is a French action comedy film, directed by Gérard Pirès.



+ Main Cast

  1. Mohib Mirza as Vicky
  2. Sanam Saeed as Aalia
  3. Adeel Hashmi as Jahangir / Jay



+ Plot

An Indian girl Aalia in trouble is forced to place her faith in a Pakistani cab driver, Vicky due to her husband Jahangir / Jay illegal activities. Vicky then takes it upon himself to make Aalia’s safe return to India possible




+ High Points

i – Mohib’s performance as Vicky is splendid who plays his role as a cab driver with a good heart. Other Honorable Mentions: Sanam Saeed.

ii – The humor is light hearted and family-oriented film.

iii – The shooting locations are mostly beautiful scenery as most of the shooting took place in Mauritius.

iv – The songs are nice and good to listen to.




+ Low Points

i – This film did not reach as per my expectations. I was anticipating much more fun loving and enjoyable.

ii – The story is very simple and straight forward.

iii – There is barely any character development for the main cast. I didn’t really care if the characters get caught or die.

iv – It’s hard to accept Adeel Hashmi as a villain; maybe for a buffoonish type comedy film.

v – It finally comes to a very predictable end.



+ Overall

Bachaana turns out to be a good time-pass film, as long as there is nothing else to do.



Rate: 2.25 out of 5 stars


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