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Mr. Khan’s Review on Dottok-e-Lug (2019)

A review on Pakistani Drama theatre play, Dottok-e-Lug (2019). This play was performed at NAPA International Theatre Festival 2019.





+ Crew

  • Costume Designing, Production Designing, Written (Adapted) & Directed by Kashif Hussain
  • Written (Original) by Henrik Ibsen
  • Produced by Silence Theatre Productions



+ Note

Dottok-e-Lug is a Balochi-Brohi-Pashto play, which is an adaptation of ‘A Doll House’ published in 1879. The play is significant for the way it deals with the fate of a married woman, who at the time in Norway lacked reasonable opportunities for self-fulfillment in a male-dominated world. It aroused a great sensation at the time, and caused a “Storm of outraged controversy” that went beyond the theatre to the world newspapers and society.



+ Full Cast

  1. Ghazain Abbas as Attaullah
  2. Najma Kifayat as Nazaneen
  3. Shahab Khan as Gohram
  4. Aisha Bakhtyar as Palwashay
  5. Hafeez Lehri as Dr. Dostain
  6. Samina Sehar as Maasi Mastun





+ Plot
In order to protect her secret; Nazaneen tries to defend one of Attaullah’s employees who know that she is misleading her husband. Attaullah insists on firing the employee. Gohram, the fired employee, sends a letter to Attaullah detailing Nazaneen’s deceit.



+ High Points

i – It would be a good decision if Kashif Hussain focuses more on direction, for us spectators to see more of his work. Dottok-e-Lug turns out to be a well-received directorial play.

ii – Adapting the novel into a Balochi-Pashto-Brohi play takes some real effort to do that. Kashif Hussain has able to do that with flying colors.

iii – My dear Najma Kifayat plays one of the main roles as the loving wife, Nazaneen. God! It’s seems to me like… ages have passed when I last saw her in a main role and was this much good. Even for a foreign language play, Najma has given one of her best performance for this role. I wish her all the best for her upcoming plays.

iv – Ghazain Abbas as the proud husband, Attaullah gives a very satisfying performance. I am happy to see him playing a lead role for he deserves it. Other Honorable Mentions: Rest of the cast.

v – The director gave his heart out when it comes to production design. Rarely, someone does that to his set. But still further improvisation can be done, to fill the negative gaps of the walls by props such as more pictures or paintings or by furniture like side table.

vi – It was a wonderful idea to include music, during the transition scenes.

vii – Generally, the lighting was okay. No issues here. Though, I liked the way it was fallen on the center painting during the scenes transitions. Good move!

viii – I think this is the first performance I have watched where the actors performed behind the curtains as well. The audience could hear their voices clearly.

ix – It is good to see more new / uncommon faces in the cast. This way the director gives other performers the chance to grow themselves as actors and be highlighted by the critics & the audience alike.



+ Low Points

i – The play is still lacking its humor and pleasant moments. The character, Dr. Dostain tries to fill that gap but it was not enough. Keeping in the view of the original content, the writer should come up with its improvisation in this missing element. Otherwise, the play is walking a straight line of ‘All too serious’ just drama only.

It is suggested to make some room for light, brief humor by extending some scenes of Dr. Dostain or other characters appropriate with it.



+ Overall

Dottok-e-Lug is an all-rounder when it comes to its adaptation; some really nice acting on display here.


Rate: 3.75 out of 5 stars


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