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Mr. Khan’s Review on Sultan (2019)

A review on Pakistani Comedy Children’s theatre play, Sultan (2019). This play was performed at NAPA International Theatre Festival 2019.



+ Crew

  • Costume Designing, Production Designing, Lighting, Written & Directed by Uzma Sabeen
  • Produced by Rung Munj


+ Note

Sultan is a children’s play where the director has a reputed experience in executing comic plays. A posse of would-be heroes is here to save the day.

This play is an inspiration from the several stories complied together in One Thousand and One Nights aka Arabian Nights (1704 – 1721). It is derived from Middle Eastern folk tales that were translated in many different languages. Such as The Thief of Baghdad (1924) by novel by Achmed Abdullah, Sinbad: The Prince of Seven Seas (1711), Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves (1704) and Aladdin (1717).

Uzma Sabeen is actively involved with NAPA in teaching and management capacities. In 2013, she has received the Pakistan Media Award in Best Theatre Category.



+ Full Cast

  1. Haris Khan as Sultan
  2. Ahmer Hussain as Vazeer
  3. Hammad Khan as Jinn
  4. Tehreem Shafi as Shehzadi
  5. Fraz Chottani as Babloo / Bablee
  6. Rachna Kirpalani as Churail / Witch#1
  7. Kashaf Ahmed as Ghazi
  8. Najma Kifayat as Kaneez/ Witch#2
  9. Samina Seher as Amma
  10. Zulfiqar Ali Khan Ghouri as Witch#3




+ Plot
Sultan, head over heels, falls in love with the princess and proposes hand in marriage. However, the Vazeer wishes her for himself and would doing for it in order to have the entire kingdom at his feet.




+ High Points
i – Uzma’s wonderful direction makes this a fun-filled play.

ii – The play gets more interesting when Hammad Khan as Jinn makes his appearance. He is a fantastic actor, especially when he is given a comic relief character to perform.

iii – Fraz Chottani plays double role as Babloo / Bablee. He brings smiles and laughter to every age of spectator with his clever & motivating performance. Other Honorable Mentions: Rest of the cast.

iv – Nice musical songs and dance sequences keeps the audience glued to the performers.

v – The play was short and simple. With numerous funny punch lines, it comes to a satisfying end.

vi – Well suitable costume designing helps the performers to portray their roles properly.

vii – The switching of different lighting was carefully handled.

viii – The makeup & hair styling been done as per appropriate to the performers’ role.


+ Low Points
i – The production design could improve more; include suitable props with it.


+ Overall

An absolute delight, the hilarious punch lines one after another while smartly engaging with the audience, makes Sultan a favorite family-oriented play.


Rate: 3.75 out of 5 stars

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