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Mr. Khan’s Review on Devi (2019)

A review on Foreign Dance-Drama theatre play, Devi (2019). This play was performed at NAPA International Theatre Festival 2019.



+ Crew

  • Written & Directed by Joshinder Chagger
  • Produced by Studio J

+ Note

Devi is an Australian play, performed in English language. The word Devi refers to Goddess, which is an exploration of the Sufi saying, ‘Death Before You Die.’ It is performed by three artists with three different forms of expression, that is Experimental Movement, Bharatanatyam dance and Live Vocals & Music. Parvyn Singh was also the vocalist & musician.



+ Full Cast:

  1. Joshinder Chagger as Hajra
  2. Jaya Karan as Kali
  3. Parvyn Singh Bennett as Falcon




+ Plot
Hajra is on a journey to shed her past. Kali, the Goddess of Death, is always by her side, waiting patiently. Death is the portal through which Hajra can move towards her higher self, represented by the melodious voice of the Falcon. However, as Hajra discovers, when one layer comes off, it reveals many more underneath.


+ High Points
i – Joshinder’s direction brings this dance play to a very satisfying end.

ii – From Parvyn to Jaya, all three gave their finest performances.

iii – I am sure, many would agree on me to say that Jaya’s portray as Kali in terms of dance choreography was the best.

iv – The handling of lighting was top notch.

v – A very different but conceptual, thought provoking idea behind the production design.




+ Low Points
i – The director leaves much on the audience to consume.

ii – Perhaps cutting the time length by 10 minutes may help.


+ Overall

Devi is for some vast, abstract audience anxious to lose itself in imagined narratives.

Rate: 3.50 out of 5 stars



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