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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Gumm’ (2019)

A review on Pakistani Rom-Thriller Feature Length Film, ‘Gumm’ (2019). The Production House and its Distributor is Starstruck Films.



+ Crew

  • Edited, Cinematography, Written & Directed by Ammar Lasani & Kanza Zia
  • Produced by Shakeel Anjum
  • Co-Produced Ali Aqdus




+ Note

Gumm is written and directed very similar to Hollywood film, Wrecked (2011). Only that this English film is much better watch than Gumm (2019).

The directors, Ammar Lasani & Kanza Zia are a married couple, happens to be graduates from New York Film Academy and this is their directorial debut film.




+ Main Cast

  1. Sami Khan as Asad
  2. Shamoon Abbasi as Haider the ‘Dagger’
  3. Shameen Khan as Dua




+ Plot

A wanted criminal and a desperate father who are interlinked by a series of unfortunate events, manipulate their chances to save what matters most to them. Lost in the middle of nowhere, will they be able to win this battle against the ticking clock?




+ High Points

i – The jungle/forest scenes were interesting to watch. Too bad, they were very few.

ii Shaky, hand held camera was used to make the scenes of the jungle intense.

iii – The film was around 90 -95 minutes in time length… short and a ‘Thank you’ note from the audience and critics alike.




+ Low Points

i – A different type of thriller main content, film to watch but very disappointed to know that this is not an original work.

ii – Having Sami Khan in lead role is the first mistake any director would make in his film. His acting skills needs a lot of improvement, regardless to how much ‘Fame’ he has gain in the TV industry. Other Dishonorable Mentions: Shameen Khan.

iii – It is shocking to see a number of international film festivals’ selections and wins for this film. Anyone’s who might have good expectations by watching this film’s trailer, would quickly be shattered once the film starts to play… especially after watching the awful, cheesy scenes shown in numerous flashbacks of Asad and his wife, Dua.

iv – With almost no character development or back history, a great actor like Shamoon Abbasi’s performance falls short in this cheap thriller.

v – Due to similarity with the English film, Wrecked, there has no fun or interest to watch this dull film any further.

vi – Really bad songs and music to listen to.

vii – The flashback scenes were not only badly performed and directed but also that they were huge turn off for this film’s main content. The jungle/forest scenes were the ones where the film should have mainly focused on.

viii – Mediocre work in makeup and hair styling department.




+ Overall

Gumm is a hit and miss, badly performed, copycat thriller film.



Rate: 0.50 out of 5 stars


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