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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Sangdil’ (2016)

A review on Pakistani TV Drama Serial, ‘Sangdil’ (2016). The Production Company is ‘Geo Entertainment’.



+ Crew
I. Directed by Asad Jabal

II. Written by Sadia Akhtar

III. Produced by Babar Javed & Asif Raza Mir


+ Note

Sangdil aired on Geo TV from 29th Feb – 23rd Sep 2016. It consists of total 77 episodes. It aired every Mon to Fri at PKT 10:00 pm. The story is inspired by Indian TV drama ‘Amanat’ (1997) and Bollywood film ‘Aaina’ (1993).




+ Main Cast

  1. Kiran Haq as Sofia
  2. Ghana Ali as Zubia
  3. Naeem Haque as Zuhaib
  4. Hammad Farooqui as Shahzeb
  5. Hajra Khan as Rushna / Khala
  6. Nazlee Nasr as Farkhanda / Mom




 + Supportive Cast

  1. Kaiser Khan Nizamani as Tausif
  2. Saqlain Bashir as Rouhan
  3. Mehak Ali as Zuhaib’s Mom
  4. Parveen Soomro as Dadi #2
  5. Faisal Naqvi as Wasif / Khalo
  6. Danish Wakeel as Shehroz




+ Plot

It is about two stepsisters, Sofia and Zubia. Zubia is a beautiful girl but ill nature one who is often get favored by her father than towards Sofia who has very kind nature and cares for her younger step sister despite Zubia’s hatred for her. But both sisters’ lives changed once they meet prince charming neighbor, Zuhaib.


+ High Points
i – Ghana Ali as Zubia performance is astounding. Her performance was the real charm to watch this long drama series.

ii – Hammad Farooqui as Shahzeb, performed worthy and fully satisfied the want to see an actor to perform in supporting negative role. I’m looking forward to his upcoming projects.

iii – It was surprising to see Danish Wakeel in small supporting role. His role was small yet did an adequate work in his presence.

iv – If we look at the story, how it unfolded with time and the way it came to its conclusion… it is remarkably written.

v – The people behind Makeup and Hairstyling did a swell job.

vi – I liked how Ghana’s and Zuhaib’s character were handled in further episodes. Zubia was shown as so naïve that she literally believes anything her Khala and unable to learn from her past mistakes. Zuhaib on the other hand was the second best support to Sofia (after Farkhanda / Sofia’s mom). It was interesting to see how he treats Zubia, after accepting Sofia in his life.

vii – The ending was properly shown of every major character.

viii – Simultaneously how the life of Zubia & her Khala was going side by side, making ill-schemes for others while they are facing one themselves. Surprising thing is that they both are unable to understand or acknowledge as to why bad things are happening to them? What on earth they ever did wrong to others? It was a smart move by the writer.




+ Low Points
i – No matter how ill one speaks personally against Sofia, yet she would not say anything in her defense even if she is up bring as soft spoken and well mannered daughter. I am not saying that she needs to misbehave or reply harshly but to defend her actions or sayings, although occasionally she does it. — she does not even bother to mention this to her husband, rather waits until the misunderstandings are so much mixed up against her that when Sofia finally feels she needs to tell her husband the truth, he simply refuses to believe her which is btw expected to happen by now.

ii – The drama took it literally to as ‘Walls Have Ears’ or ‘The House of Whispers’. Anyone can hear any conversation he/she is having with someone in a closed room. In some cases, the room’s door is open while two characters are making mischievous schemes. Yes, the room’s door is ajar open yet continuously talking loud enough for anyone to come and listen clearly to what they are saying.

iii – I felt that the performance of the lead actor, Naeem Haque was weak and amateur. His acting was simply not up to the level of getting the lead role. The supporting cast performers did a much better job. Naeem Haque’s performance as Zuhaib was like a pampered child living in a grown man’s body.

iv – It is a trend in Pakistani TV dramas, that they usually make you believe that the lead male character is only suitable guy for the lead / supporting female character to marry with. All other guys in the world are just not as good as the lead male character. Zubia who is shown a very beautiful and rich girl, who can get any guy to marry with … is made to believe that Zuhaib is the only guy left to marry with.

The character Rouhan comes very late in the drama series.

v – I lost interest in the drama series by 13th – 15th episode, due to continuous misunderstandings and lie occurring in every episode. In other words, the story in every episode was basically the same. I was able to regain interest after 58th or 59th episode which is already TOO LATE by then.

vi – In almost every episode, Zuhaib disregards Sofia due to some lie or misunderstanding but afterwards forgives and becomes nice to her. This behavior lasted in many episodes.

vii – The black magic baba where Rushna takes Zubia to, his getup appeared more like a ‘Makayi Wala’, corn seeds seller.

viii – The (accidental) first meeting of Shahzeb & Sonia only implicates that ‘It’s a small world after all’.




+ Overall
The finale charms while the performances by specific stars elevates the drama series, however Sangdil is still too long with a predictable ending.



Rate: 3.25 out of 5 stars

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